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#PricingChat Recap: "Price Optimization"

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#PricingChat Recap 1.5 Last Thursday (6.4.15), PPS hosted a #PricingChat on Twitter. #PricingChat is a Twitter Chat that is hosted every-other-Thursday, or bi-monthly, on the Professional Pricing Society Twitter feed (@PricingSociety), at 1:30PM EDT. Please remember to use the hashtag #PricingChat every time you engage on Twitter during the time of the Twitter Chat. This allows us to view all of the participants and include the engagement in our Recap post. Learn more about #PricingChat HERE. Participation is open to everyone! Our most recent #PricingChat, "Price Optimization: Improving Pricing Performance", was a successful information share about an industry topic of interest, Pricing performance! A Storify Recap: 
This summer, PPS will host bi-monthly #PricingChats! Participation is open to everyone!
Take a look at the schedule:
#PricingChat Summer Schedule TPA (1)
Our NEXT #PricngChat: 6.18.15 * 1:30 PM EDT
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