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Price Optimization Pricing Chat With BlackCurve

PricingChat with BlackCurve pricing software company on price optimization We chatted "Price Optimization in 2017" with Philip Huthwaite of - view the full #PricingChat recap! A new year of #PricingChat content kicked off with the CEO of Philip Huthwaite. Philip is by far one of the most enjoyable interviewees we've had and he's a wealth of pricing knowledge! Check out our exchange on Twitter discussing Price Optimization in 2107, how businesses should be using new strategies, which companies are failing, and ways everyone can benefit from optimization. Click the image & link below to view the full #PricingChat RECAP:
About Black Curve:
BlackCurve is a cloud-based price management and price optimization platform, which helps businesses to fine-tune their pricing. Philip has been using software to solve pricing challenges since 2012. Before BlackCurve, he was a Technology Consultant at Accenture, he worked with multinational companies such as The Royal Bank of Scotland, ITV, Royal Mail and EDF Energy. Join us this Spring in Chicago, IL to learn directly from the Pricing experts and obtain your CPP Designation. Learn more by clicking the image below:
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Fine-Tune Pricing With Philip Huthwaite of

Pricing Podcast with BlackCurve pricing software on fine-tuning pricingWe talked with Philip Huthwaite of about ways companies can fine-tune their pricing! It's a New Year and we're back with fresh content to keep pricers and pricing businesses ahead of the competition. The #PricingPodcast series delivers pricing strategies, pricing interviews with experts and more via an audio download. In this episode, Philip Huthwaite, CEO of Black Curve Software solutions. In this #PricingPodcast Philip discusses:
  • How to avoid pricing errors
  • Common pricing strategies adopted by successful businesses
  • Price Optimization - 2017
  • How to execute "quick wins" to better target prices
  • Long-term strategies to fine-tuning pricing
  • What businesses should avoid Case Studies/ Company Examples of success
Listen to the NEW #PricingPodcast featuring Philip Huthwaite! Click the image below to listen to the audio... pricing podcast, pricing About Black Curve: BlackCurve is a Price Management and Price Optimization Platform. Our cloud-based software empowers businesses to price smarter and in doing so increase their profitability. Learn more: We're excited to provide great pricing interviews and business strategies in our #PricingPodcast series! Check our website, subscribe to the Newsletter and follow @PricingSociety on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for the latest pricing updates and shares! Continue reading

3 Ways CPQ Transforms Pricing Business

The term "CPQ" is tossed around, but we have the pricing tips proven to master the software.
  • What can CPQ do for pricing business?
  • How can pricing businesses avoid quote errors?
  • How can pricing businesses efficiently (quickly) create quotes?
  • How can pricing businesses attract customers with tailored offers using IMPROVED quotes?
  3-2 Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software can aid in core stages within business to set, control and quote pricing. CPQ software typically comes with a price engine that can assist businesses to keep their prices more in line with current market conditions – and to keep abreast of the competition.

CPQ software automatically pulls together all the necessary pricing information, allowing you to produce a quote promptly and accurately. Pricing data becomes streamlined, time is saved - and ultimately, more sales can be made.

It can be applicable in business-to-consumer (B2C) sale interactions, but is more commonly adopted in business-to-business (B2B) situations.

The Configure or configuration element, essentially refers to all the products or services that you want to include in the quote.


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