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In Times of Crisis, Data and Communication Prevent Panic

In Times of Crisis, Data and Communication Prevent Panic

 This Guest Blog Post was written by our Sponsor partners at Zilliant. 

With U.S. jobless claims at an all-time high, hospitals in large cities becoming overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases and supply chains in disarray, a natural human response is to panic. We’re all feeling a mix of uncertainty and fear, two emotions that can lead to rash decisions in our personal lives and in business.

Among B2B companies, the automotive and high-tech industries were hit first and are harbingers of things to come in other sectors. The “Big Three” American automakers have temporarily shut down all factories in the U.S. and more industries are now feeling the sting of supply chain disruptions as March trudges on.

Constant communication with our customers has shown us that the impacts of this pandemic vary depending on the sector. Some industries have seen a collapse in demand, while others are having issues keeping up with demand spikes. Supply is uncertain in many areas. One thing is for sure: everyone is feeling it and facing major change.

“When considering huge, impactful, yet sudden changes, we need to keep in mind: There are lots of other parties – competitors, suppliers, customers – involved when we make decisions, and nothing happens in a vacuum,” Kevin Mitchell, President of Professional Pricing Society, told Zilliant.

“We have to consider how other parties will act, take into account the long-term causes and effects, and avoid short-term overreactions. Change requires consideration and thought, but not panic.”

This crisis reminds us that no company is an island. Open communication and collaboration must be a priority up and down the supply chain.

To that end, Zilliant released a whitepaper that diagnoses the wide scope of supply and demand shocks B2B companies are grappling with and how a measured, data-led response will chart the way forward. 

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Set Pricing To Beat Competition: A PricingPodcast Featuring Alison Yama

Alison Yama, Senior Director with Holden Advisors, shares proven pricing strategies and case studies from wins against the competition.

Knowing your competitors is only half the battle in business. How do you compete when trying to price products? Price services? What are the winning businesses using to succeed? Pricing industry expert and Senior Director with Holden Advisors Alison Yama talked with PPS in this #PricingPodcast:

"Get Your Price and Win Against Low-Priced Competitors"

Click the image below to listen:

About Alison:

Alison is a Senior Director Product and Service Management. She has over two decades of marketing, sales, client, and relationship experience and currently creating thought-leading, innovative offerings to help Sales teams develop the backbone to defend value and price in the face of tough negotiations.

Prior to working with Holden Advisors, Alison was Principal of Consulting Services with Strategic Pricing Group where she lead consulting and educational services sales teams, large-scale project teams across multiple businesses, client relationship management, consultant development, and pricing content development.

The #PricingPodcast series provides a way to learn from the professionals that directly influence the pricing industry. Join us in-person this Spring during the 29th Annual Fall Pricing Workshops and Conference in Dallas, TX! Click the image for Registration Information!

Have a suggestion on who to feature during an upcoming #PricingPodcast?

Shoot an email to!

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#PricingChat Recap: Building A Business Case For Change In Pricing

Pricing Chat Recap 7.16.15 Every-other Thursday afternoon, PPS hosts a #PricingChat at 1:30 PM EDT on Twitter. We share pricing education, chat with experts, provide industry insights, and more in real-time on Twitter with our audience. Learn more about the #PricingChat and how to stay engaged during the chat HERE. Last week's #PricingChat topic was Building A Strong Business Case For A Change In Pricing and featured Vendavo Executive Alex Hoff. View the FULL Recap (scroll for more):
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