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The European Pricing Workshops & Conference RECAP 2016

We gathered the best photos, videos and more from the successful, 12th Annual European and Global Pricing Workshops & Conference in Berlin, Germany for the official recap! The European Pricing Workshops and Conference RECAP 2016 The conference was well attended with over 200 professionals from 30 countries representing 80 companies making this a truly global pricing event. Our expanded agenda included 9 full-day workshops covering important topics such as Core Pricing Skills, Behavioral Economics, Partnering with Sales, and Price Optimization in Consumer Facing Industries. Another great option was the Global Pricing for Executives Summit where senior managers discussed how their organizations are thriving in spite of economic pressure. We kicked off the conference day with compelling keynotes from Georg Tacke, author of Monetizing Innovation, and Tim Smith, author of Pricing Done Right. Also joining us were senior pricing practitioners from PepsiCo, Cisco Systems and General Electric. Click the image below to view #PPBERLIN2016 photos in our Facebook Album! 2 As the only organization exclusively committed to growing the pricing profession and disseminating pricing expertise throughout the business world, PPS is proud to offer a conference that is concentrated on your connection, growth, and success in the pricing industry. 3 Registration is now open for the Spring 2017 Pricing Workshops and Conference in Miami, Florida! Learn more information: pps-miami-828x462-facebook-banner-a Continue reading

Partnering With Sales Featuring Joanne Smith

In this #PricingPodcast, expert Joanne Smith shares strategies to improve partnering with sales within pricing partnerships. Joanne Smith is a featured Workshop presenter during our Winter European Global Pricing Workshops and Conference in Berlin, Germany. Before sharing exclusive insight with attendees, she shared best-practices to improve price execution in our #PricingPodcast series! Click the image below to listen to the audio recording: 1

**We've transcribed the full audio interview below:

Why is this an important topic that should be considered? J.S.: This topic is so important since most companies that embrace pricing focus on price setting, but that is just half the battle. Price execution is the other 50%. The best price setting does you little good if sales can’t successfully negotiation the price. So it is imperative that pricing work closely with sales to support or guide them in the execution. I continue to see weak execution skills in virtually every business I work with; from highly experienced sales professionals and leaders through pricing leaders & professionals. Unfortunately, so many pricing groups think the execution is the sole responsibility of the sales force and thus they don’t think they need to (or should) get involved. This could not be further from the truth. The pricing group must be the champion for better pricing and that extends through helping to build the pricing skills of the sales force. Furthermore, a pricing person can’t be a valued partner of sales if they don’t understand price execution and have skills to coach or guide sales in difficult price drop or price increase situations. What are some of the biggest challenges to price execution? J.S.: The two tough challenges are 1. how to manage situations where there is high pressure to drop your price and 2. how to successfully manage situations where you are increasing the price. In both of these situations, the customer is pushing hard for the lower price (or lower increase) and competitors are potentially positioning to ‘take your share”. Most salespeople don’t know how to assess their pricing power in these situations and thus they often drop the price far too frequently and much more than they need to. They don’t know how to manage aggressive competitors. In the end, their actions often lead to more price aggressive customers and price aggressive competitors; making their jobs more difficult. What are a few of the key reasons that companies have such low success with their price increases? J.S.: Most companies only achieve about 30% of their price increase targets. It doesn’t need to be that low and with good skills, they can greatly improve (double or triple their success). There are a number of reasons why companies have such low success, and unfortunately no silver bullet to fix these issues; it takes a combination of skills to turn things around. But, the top two high-level reasons for low success are 1) mindset and 2) execution skills. Mindset gets into things like the culture being so volume focused that they are afraid to risk any volume loss, to sales not having the courage and conviction to really ‘sell’ their price increase. The lack of courage and conviction often stems from their lack of strong price execution skills. Once you enhance the skills the mindset shifts occur and your performance greatly improves. What was your experience when you ran DuPont’s Marketing and Pricing Group? Was execution a key issue? J.S.: Absolutely! Nearly every business believed that had highly experienced salespeople who had repeatedly tried to improve price but their highly competitive environment made it too difficult to raise (or sometimes even hold) price without losing their volume. They and their leaders were amazed at their success when they started to use best practices for pricing execution. They learned (then demonstrated) that their own actions & behaviors could influence the market in a very positive way. What makes this workshop unique or different from other workshops on pricing execution? J.S.: When I ran DuPont’s Corporate Pricing, I evaluated numerous externally available pricing and negotiation courses looking for the best course to train our sales and pricing professionals. This course combines some of the best of these courses but I have also added several powerful modules and exercises (and modified others) to make it more practical, easy to understand and quite relevant to the sales force. I want folks confident to immediately start using their new knowledge to make better pricing decisions. What approaches do you use in this workshop? J.S.: Think fun and practical. This course is loaded with games, exercises and real-life examples that focus on very practical advice. Advice that can be immediately applied. There are take-home tools to help reinforce the key messages and improve price drop decisions. It is fast-paced and fun, but most of all practical. Have you offered this course in the past? If so, what was the participant’s response? J.S.: Yes, I have offered this course, or a similar version, a number of times. Typically I am offering internally to a company’s sales & pricing groups but this is the first time that I am offering it at the Spring Pricing Workshops & Conference - (#PPSCHI18). I have always gotten outstanding feedback for this course, in fact, a few experienced sales leaders have even said it was the best course of their career.

**You can hear directly from Joanne Smith during the Spring Pricing Workshops and Conference event in Chicago, IL 2018!

(Click the image below for registration details)

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Fall Pricing Workshops & Conference RECAP - Las Vegas

27th Annual Fall Pricing Workshops and Conference in Las Vegas Recap We had a WONDERFUL time in Las Vegas during the 27th Annual Fall Pricing Workshops and Conference #PPSLV16! Over 500 attendees enjoyed learning from industry leaders all over the world. We jam-packed four days with Pricing Workshops, Pricing Practitioners Tracks, Networking Receptions, Keynote Presentations, Sponsor Hall exhibits and giveaways, and so much more fun that only the great city of Las Vegas could deliver.

So many photos... so much to SHARE!

View event coverage on our Social Media platforms! Click the images to view:

Facebook conversations about the 27th Annual Fall Pricing Workshops and Conference in Las Vegas Top tweets from the 27th Annual Fall Pricing Workshops and Conference in Las Vegas Pricing videos on Periscope from the 27th Annual Fall Pricing Workshops and Conference in Las Vegas An Announcement To Conference Attendees: Thank you for attending - we hope that you downloaded the Conference Event APP for more interaction! Within the app are the Keynote and Breakout Session slides & presentation notes. To access:
  • Click on the "MENU" option on the main screen
  • Then click "Presentation Slides"
  • Select the Speaker/Presenter of interest & then select "Speaker Slides"
  • At the bottom of the new screen will appear another "MENU" icon option.
  • Select the icon to either access the PDF Files directly on your mobile device's web browser OR select the option to download & email to your address.
A special thank you to all of the Hotel Staff, PPS extended staff, team members, special guests and friends that made this such an exceptional Conference!

We want to hear from YOU! Comments, suggestions, feedback or concerns? Please drop us a line:

Registration for our upcoming Spring Pricing Workshops and Conference in Chicago, IL in 2018 is OPEN!

Register your team TODAY!

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Kevin Mitchell To Speak During ACCELERATE 2016

Industry - Kevin Mitchell - LinkedIn Our friends at Apttus are hosting the ACCELERATE Conference April 12-14th 2016 in San Francisco and PPS President Kevin Mitchell is a featured Speaker! On April 13 at 4:25 PM Kevin Mitchell will present:

"The Rise and Impact of Pricing Excellence In The Communications, Media, & Financial Service Industries"

When it comes to pricing, companies across diverse service industries share common challenges as well as universal truths. Communications, Media, and Financial Services companies have become increasingly focused on optimizing pricing decisions and revenue management processes to drive innovation and maximize profitability. In this session, learn about the basis of pricing decisions, such as customer value and willingness to pay, and how your business can “creatively borrow” pricing strategies from different industries to succeed.

Attendees will gain knowledge on the pricing strategies exclusive to these industries from a leading, global expert.

Interested in attending? We have an exclusive discount code for the first 10 readers that email after reading this post! Simply send an email to, mention this blog post and reading about Kevin Mitchell's upcoming presentation, and we'll make sure you receive a special PPS discount to the ACCELERATE Conference!* Join PPS this May in Illinois during the 27th Annual Spring Pricing Workshops and Conference! Registration is open and rooms are going fast! Chicago Banner #PPSCHI 2.0 Continue reading

Monetize Your CPQ Investment - PricingPodcast

In this #PricingPodcast expert Lydia DiLiello shares how to increase revenue and profit generation from CPQ (Configure Price Quotes) investments. Learn how to master this pricing strategy for your business.

"How to Monetize Your CPQ Investment" with Lydia DiLiello!

Click the image to listen:

About Lydia: Lydia Di Liello is the founder and principal of Capital Pricing Consultants L.L.C. a Revenue Management consultancy dedicated to improving profitability for its clients. She brings more than 22 years of global revenue management, pricing expertise and business leadership experience to her clients.

Spending her corporate career in B2B, Di Liello’s experience working in 16 countries with global Fortune 500 companies and mid-size privately held firms provides a breadth of knowledge and an understanding of the unique challenges her clients face. Her leadership roles have included manufacturing, pricing and procurement. Di Liello earned her MBA from The Youngstown State University and is a prominent member of the Professional Pricing Society Board of Advisors and regularly presents at Conferences. She also frequently contributes to pricing industry publications including The Pricing Advisor, Pricing Brew and The Journal of Professional Pricing.

To learn more about CPQ, sales strategies, as well as hear more from Lydia in-person, join us in Miami, FL May 2-5th at the 28th Annual Spring Pricing Workshops & Conference! Lydia will host the CPP Workshop "Pricing & Selling: Strategies and Tactics to Win With 21st Century Procurement."

Register your team TODAY! We'll see you in MIAMI this Spring!

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CPQ Business Basics With Lydia DiLiello

#PricingChat -Lydia Recap 2.0 Lydia DiLiello shares four great tips with PPS to cover the pricing basics around CPQ strategies for business. Lydia DiLiello shared four great tips with TPA Blog that cover the basics around pricing and CPQ. Gain a better understanding of the tool and how leaders within the industry are using CPQ from pricing strategy expert Lydia DiLiello. About Lydia: Lydia Di Liello is the founder and principal of Capital Pricing Consultants L.L.C. a Revenue Management consultancy dedicated to improving profitability for its clients. She brings more than 22 years of global revenue management, pricing expertise and business leadership experience to her clients. Spending her corporate career in B2B, Di Liello’s experience working in 16 countries with global Fortune 500 companies and mid-size privately held firms provides a breadth of knowledge and an understanding of the unique challenges her clients face. Her leadership roles have included manufacturing, pricing, and procurement. Di Liello earned her MBA from The Youngstown State University and is a prominent member of the Professional Pricing Society Board of Advisors and regularly presents at Conferences. She also frequently contributes to pricing industry publications including The Pricing Advisor, Pricing Brew and The Journal of Professional Pricing.

What is a Configured Price Quote - CPQ - anyway?!

Lets chat CPQ!

Question: So, what is CPQ?! Answer: CPQ traditionally refers to software that supports Configuration, Pricing and Quoting of custom products. Question: What are additional ways to define CPQ and the business process? Answer: Other names for CPQ include "Quote To Cash", "Opportunity To Order", "Quote To Sell", "Lead To Win", "Contact to Conversion." Question: How is CPQ bigger than "just software?" How can companies best incorporate sales strategies? Answer: CPQ is no longer "just software." Historically, CPQ was created to solely as software, but progressive definitions include dynamics of Change Management, Business Processes, and Policy development. These additions change the thought process around CPQ making it an essential part of a successful global, multi-channel selling strategy. CPQ grants companies full control over which partners, groups, or channels can access certain pricing or product information, with role-based access, discount locks, and portals, allowing a greater management of revenue, discount offers, or pricing and shipping fees. CPQ software and strategies also allow businesses to manage different strategies for multiple channels and geographies by providing full visibility into sales trends and channel effectiveness. This allows executives to course-correct when needed. Question: How does CPQ affect today’s Pricers? Answer: CPQ affects not only Pricing but also Finance, Sales, Customer Service, and Operations. It touches every part of an organization in both breadth and depth. The expanded definition includes Change Management, Business Processes and Policy Development, all critically important. Sales leaders want to follow a product's life throughout the entire organization. From the point of initial customer contact, all the way to the end - a closed sale with a happy customer.

For more information about CPQ strategies that will better impact your business, contact Lydia directly with questions and comments!


To learn more about CPQ, sales strategies, as well as hear more from Lydia in-person, join us in San Diego, California this fall for the 29th Annual Fall Pricing Workshops & Conference!

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Registration Giveaway #PPSCHI We have selected a WINNER for the #PPSCHI Early Registration Give Away!! Out of our early registrants, we randomly selected David Scritter of Elkay Manufacturing as the winner!! Congratulations! Our membership manager Cherica Spann will contact you regarding collecting the gift card or opting to make a charitable donation instead. Early Bird registration for the Spring Pricing Conference and Workshops in Chicago, IL is now CLOSED. There will be more exciting news surrounding #PPSCHI shared here on our blog, across social media and especially during our #PricingScope! (Click the image below to learn more). PPS on Periscope 1.0 There is STILL time to book a room, but act quickly because our discounted rates end April 14th! Register TODAY for #PPSCHI and we can't wait to see you in Chicago! Continue reading

Keynote Speakers During #PPSCHI

#PPSCHI Keynote Speakers 1.0 The Keynote Speakers have officially been announced for #PPSCHI and the lineup is awesome! PPS will feature leading, prominent pricing experts from the best brands in the industry to provide exclusive business insights to our attendees! We announce two (2) of our Keynote Speakers presenting this May:

Laura Preslan - General Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Laura Preslan - Badge Photo (edited)Pricing expert Laura Preslan will deliver the Keynote:

"Using Influence Versus Authority For Better Pricing Decisions"

The pricing industry is filled with cross-organization, cross-team, cross-company communication and decision-making, often blurring the roles the of authority. Progress can still be achieved however, if key strategies are learned to increase pricing influence within the organization. Laura will share proven strategies, how to find supporters and break down real-world business examples for Conference attendees to maximize success within their organizations. About Laura: Laura Preslan has 20 years of experience in marketing, sales, pricing, consulting, technology implementation, industry analysis, and team leadership. She has worked at Microsoft for nine years. Prior to Microsoft, she was a Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting’s pricing practice and was a VP of Research at AMR Research. She graduated from Brown University and is a member of the PPS Board of Advisors.

Mark Burton - Principal, KPMG

Mark BurtonIndustry leader Mark Burton will deliver the Keynote Presentation:

"The Four Disciplines of Breakout Pricing"

Learn how the leaders in pricing consistently apply four disciplines that connect target markets to customers. Attendees will gain the tools to drive strategic, financial alignment ensuring that pricing supports the business goals, and ways to turn attention to the customers. Burton will share ways to develop expert-level pricing skills that ensure success throughout sales organization. About Mark: Mark Burton is a Principal in the Strategy Consulting Practice at KPMG and leader of their pricing practice, where he develops cutting-edge pricing strategies across diverse sets of clients and industries. A recognized thought leader with 20 years experience developing and implementing pricing strategy and transformations, Burton has an MBA in Business from Boston University and a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Union College. Burton is an author with experience spanning several industries including manufactured products and parts, high technology components and devices, business and outsourced services, software and data services, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and distribution.

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Register TODAY - take advantage of the EARLY BIRD pricing special!

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5 Reasons To Book: The Loews Chicago O'Hare Hotel

We're preparing for our Annual Spring Pricing Conference and Workshops event and this year, we're heading BACK to Chicago! If you've never visited the great city of Chicago, you must add it to the travel list! Endless attractions, breathtaking architecture, city events, delicious restaurants and of (just try not to spend on the Magnificent Mile). The #PPSCHI18 event will be held at the luxurious Loews O'Hare Chicago, and we're excited to return to the host hotel. Here are five (5) great reasons to book a room for your team: 5) World-Class Shopping - Two blocks from the Loews Chicago O’Hare Hotel are over 130 designer outlets, including staples like Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. Also, The Fashion Outlets of Chicago is also home to world-class brands like Gucci, Prada, Tory Burch, Michael Kors and Burberry.   4) Exclusive Dining @ The Rural Society - Warm hospitality, and welcoming decor transport guests from the modern lines of the hotel to the sweeping cattle ranches and grill-fired kitchens of Argentina. Rural Society is a contemporary Argentine steakhouse with nationally renowned master of Latin cuisine Chef Jose Garces. Inspired by his travels to South America, Rural Society is at once rustic and luxurious, bringing the energy and sophistication of Buenos Aires to Chicago. 3) Newly Redesigned Spaces - The Art Gallery has been redesigned and remodeled for a one-of-a-kind guest experience! View famed artwork from celebrated artists around the globe classic framed pieces, hanging sculptures, a green rooftop covered in soil and wheatgrass, and even wind-powered electricity. 2) Rosemont Entertainment District - Minutes away from the hotel is the famed entertainment and attraction hub the MB Financial Park at Rosemont. A 200,000 square-foot entertainment and dining complex that opened 2012 is home to 12 venues offering upscale international cuisine, live music, comedy, state-of-the-art film, bowling and more. This new entertainment district is a one-stop suburban destination for big city dining, entertainment, nightlife, and family fun. 1) Convenience - We're just minutes from the Chicago O'Hare airport, complete with a 24-hour shuttle to transport guests. Only a mile away is the large intersection connecting to all the major highways. Oh, and all of the Pricing Workshops, Tracks, and Conference Breakout sessions are going to be held right in the hotel, convenient throughout the week. Take advantage of all Chicago has to offer - by booking the best rooms during #PPSCHI18!

Register HERE for the Pricing Conference and Workshops - take advantage of the EARLY BIRD special!

At the Loews Chicago O'Hare Hotel, guests have the best of both worlds.Don’t choose between downtown energy and the convenience of being five minutes (2.6 miles) from the Chicago O'hare International Airport. If your group is looking to extend the stay and explore more of the city, there's a special Group rate available 3 days before and/or after the conference. [gallery link="file" size="medium" ids="|,|,|,|,|,|,|,|,|,|,|,|"] Whether you’re looking for the convenience of Rosemont’s great entertainment, dining and shopping – or the iconic attractions of downtown Chicago, it’s all easily accessible from Loews Chicago O’Hare Hotel. Reserve your room: Remember the Pricing Workshops and Conference event in Chicago 2016: View photos on our Facebook page!

Follow #PPSCHI18 across social media for Conference updates!

We'll see you in Chicago!

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The Pricing Conference RECAP #PPSAMS


The #PPSAMS Team closing out another successful conference!

We had a wonderful time during the European Global Pricing Workshops and Conference in Amsterdam! The PPS team spent several days in the city preparing for attendees, Sponsors, Speakers and guests and pulled off another successful Conference! Check out the highlights below!

View the Twitter Recap via Storify:

We took live videos via Periscope while in Amsterdam! WATCH the replays of #PPSAMS by clicking the image below:#PPSAMS on Periscope (via Katch)
Follow @Pricingsociety on Twitter & Periscope to catch all of our pricing news, videos, #PricingScopes, #PricingChats, events and shares in real-time!
A very special THANK YOU to all of our extended staff in Amsterdam, our Host Hotel, the attendees, Sponsors, Keynote Speakers and Workshop leaders! We could not pull off our Annual Workshops and Conferences without everyone involved. We'd love to hear how YOU enjoyed #PPSAMS - simply share on Social Media by using the hashtag!
Reservations are NOW open for the Spring Pricing Workshops and Conference in Chicago! #PPSCHI
Click the image below to learn more and RSVP your team today! PPS Chicago 620x350 Web Banner E
Until the next Pricing Workshops and Conference... happy pricing! ;)
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