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Executive Support For Pricing Transformation

Pricing Podcast: Executive Support For Pricing Transformation In this #PricingPodcast Adele McLean, VP of Holden Advisors shares the methods to secure Executive support in your pricing strategies. Experience proves that successful businesses depend on Executive support, yet, particularly within the pricing industry, Executives often don't understand the organization's metrics. Pricing professionals must implement value capture appropriately in order to maximize the results. In our new #PricingPodcast, we chat with Adele McLean, Vice President of Holden Advisors, to uncover the best ways pricing professionals within the organization can receive the mindshare deserved... and bring home the pricing bacon. Better known as profit. Click the image below to listen to the #PricingPodcast: Pricing podcast with pricing expert Adele McLean, Vice President of Holden Advisors About Adele:

Currently, Adele McLean serves as the Vice President of Holden Advisors. In this role, she leads teams in the development of pricing and sales solutions that result in improved price realization, shorter sales cycles, and increased revenue. In addition, Adele facilitates world-class programs with global sales teams to transform price negotiations and level the playing field with procurement. Under Adele's leadership, companies have experienced significant profit gains and improved performance results. She specializes in sales operations, supplier management, supply chain management, product pricing, process integration, and change management.

Previously, Adele McLean was Vice President of Business Operations and Vice President of World Wide Sales for Western Digital. She has held leadership positions in finance, operations and sales positions at IBM, Seagate Technologies, and Avaya. She received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and her master’s degree in Accounting from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

We're hard at work planning the upcoming 29th Annual Spring Pricing Workshops and Conference in Chicago, Illinois!

Click the image below to learn more & REGISTER TO ATTEND!

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Negotiating With Backbone - A #PricingChat Recap

We had a Twitter conversation with Reed Holden and Alison Yama of Holden Advisors all about Pricing Negotiation. Dr. Reed Holden has released a new book, Negotiating With Backbone: Eight Sales Strategies To Defend Your Price And Value, Second Edition and we're excited to support.
"High pressure procurement tactics for lower prices for customers is one of the biggest causes of lost profits in business today. Sales teams that can counter these tactics and close deals at the right price are the single biggest opportunity for improved revenue profit. The Second Edition has more of what our clients' sales teams ask for: uncovering and communicating value, unleashing the power or Give-Gets, and negotiating with a customer you can't afford to loose. " - Dr. Reed Holden
We chatted a bit about several points surrounding this important topic for pricing professionals. View the #PricingChat Recap:
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#PricingChat RECAP 7.30.15: "Next Level Pricing Analytics" With Holden Advisors

Pricing Chat Recap 7.30.15 Every other Thursday, PPS hosts a #PricingChat on Twitter! Our topics include pricing industry knowledge, business strategies, and more. The #PricingChat provides an opportunity to learn and engage with fellow pricing professionals. Catch up on the pricing information shared during last week's #PricingChatNext Level Pricing Analytics with Alison Yama of Holden Advisors. View the RECAP below:
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Don't miss the NEXT #PricingChat, Thursday August 13, 2015 @ 1:30 PM.
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