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CPP Spotlight: Carlos Huga Barbery, Sierra, Boliva

CPP Spotlight: Carlos Huga Barbery, Sierra, Boliva

We're proud to have thousands of Certified Pricing Professional Designation Graduates around the world. We're more excited to feature their testimonies, career changes and professional developments!

Watch as Carlos Hugo Barbery, CPP, CPO, Bolivia Retail S.A., shares his transformation as a recent graduate. 

*The full English translation is listed below. ;) 


"I highly value being part of the Professional Pricing Society, given the high degree of demand that represents being a certified professional by this institution.

It has exceeded my expectations, not only by addressing quantitative approaches such as: discounts, incremental costs, margin analysis, in greater depth and rigor, but by incorporating qualitative approaches into the analysis from a more holistic view of prices such as: segmentation, hedonistic perspective of value, price management in turbulent markets, price management in competitive markets, etc.

They are tools that make a substantial difference in the analysis, even in countries where there is high informality and rigidity in the regulations and as if it were not enough, now the COVID-19 puts a brake on the world with which it will completely change the perspective of the consumer. There is still a long way to go and above all a lot of path to discover in this exciting subject of prices."

Greetings from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

Learn more about the Certified Pricing Professional Designation HERE.

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