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Pricing Podcast: Creating & Capturing Value With Ed Kless & Ron Baker

Learning how to create and capture value in pricing is a valuable skill. In this PricingPodcast, Lisa Fisher, the PPS Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, talks with Ron Baker, Founder of VeraSage Institute about the newest PPS Online Pricing Course “Introduction to Pricing on Purpose: Creating and Capturing Value”. Ron and Lisa discuss why this topic is relevant in today’s marketplace.

Listen to the interview on SoundCloud HERE.

Professionals willing to improve product pricing will best benefit from the newest Online Pricing Course, as discussed in the podcast. Ron Baker, Founder of VeraSage and Ed Kless, Senior Director, Partner Development of VeraSage lead our newest Online Pricing Course offering, “Introduction to Pricing on Purpose: Creating and Capturing Value".

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Discover the insightful strategies the course can provide businesses ready to shift from cost-plus to value-based pricing. Learn the alternatives to pricing your products and /or services based on customer-perceived value, rather than cost-plus pricing methods. By learning to avoid the deleterious consequences of cost-plus pricing, attendees will improve communication with customers, be able to discover their expectations up-front, enhance their loyalty and retention, and increase your profitability. Attendees Will Learn:
  • The genesis of cost-plus pricing-and why so many businesses still cling to it
  • All customers are not created equal and the economies of price discrimination
  • The First Law of Pricing
  • Why there is no such thing as a commodity
  • The seven types of customer risk and their impact on value
  • What is “fair price?”
Who Should Attend: Any executive who is interested in being among the leaders in the business world moving away from the cost-plus pricing method to achieve a competitive differentiation and who is tired of sacrificing profits on the altar of costs.

Don't miss Ron Baker & Ed Kless share their expertise in-person during #PPSCHI18!

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Uncovering Unauthorized Sales - A Pricing Podcast

In this #PricingPodcast, we talked with Whitney Gibson, a Partner at the Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP law firm, and a known expert on unauthorized sales, online. Whitney shared why businesses and consumers alike should be concerned with unauthorized sellers who sell diverted products. Sellers on eBay and other third-party online marketplaces are causing many problems for retailers and manufacturers. These effects result in a loss of profits and brand reputation for brands and legitimate sellers - especially in the pricing industry.

What is unauthorized selling? How can businesses protect their prices and prepare their sales teams? Whitney Gibson shares tips in this #PricingPodcast.

Listen to the #PricingPodcast below: About Whitney Gibson: Whitney is a partner and chair of the firm’s intellectual property and technology protection group. He focuses his practice on Internet brand and reputation issues, including online seller enforcement, internet defamation, patent and intellectual property infringement, and misleading marketing and advertising. Whitney has developed custom programs for companies confronting these issues with investigating tools and services. Please leave a comment on the #PricingPodcast episode below or on our SoundCloud account! Subscribe to the #PricingPodcast to never miss a new interview or pricing share!

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Pricing Podcast: The Industry's Leading Audio Interviews

The Professional Pricing Society is proud to announce that our Pricing Podcast series is now available on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Google Play! We're excited to deliver fresh audio content and invite you to subscribe to our #PricingPodcast! Listen to episodes on-the-go from any mobile device or laptop, to interviews with pricing industry leaders about their career successes, case studies, and strategic lessons.

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Rate the sessions, leave a review and share with your pricing peers! We want your feedback to deliver the most valuable content!
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