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How Technology Can Power Faster Price Changes

How Technology Can Power Faster Price Changes

Almost every industry and business is facing disruption today due to the global pandemic.Many small businesses are unable to sustain in these difficult times and the businesses that have managed to keep their doors open are faced with tremendous pressure. Large enterprises offering B2B or B2C services could step up to help those in need, and what better way to do that than to lower or waive fees?

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Tips To Improve Retail Pricing Management

One of the most difficult, yet key factors to successful business models is pricing. Retailers struggle to find the right balance between optimizing profits and maintaining traffic. There is a science to crafting a sound Retail Pricing Management strategy. Strategies must ensure retail businesses are well positioned to compete, so... tie the price to the value. Always. While companies should make price part of the offering, the prices must allow for competition within the market, not with the lowest price, which is easy, but with a good price that makes sense by allowing you to make the profit without killing volume. Our friends at Pricing Solutions tapped expert Fred Puech, director of pricing research and analytics to share four impactful strategies that will improve retail pricing management. Learn sustainable pricing strategies that develop healthy margins and good traffic. READ THE FULL ARTICLE from Pricing Solutions HERE. Continue reading