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The PricingChat: Learning On Twitter

#PricingChat Join the Professional Pricing Society on Twitter to chat pricing information and strategies with featured experts in real time! So, what IS a #PricingChat? Twitter is the VERY popular Social Media platform that operates in real-time connecting millions across the globe. Twitter chats, or #TweetChats occur when a group of people collectively tweet about the same topic using a specific hashtag (#). This allows the conversation/ topic to be found or searched by millions, at any time. Twitter chats are often repeated bi-weekly or weekly, and can be found using the same hashtag (#). PPS uses the Twitter chat format to discuss pricing industry information in our weekly #PricingChat! Join the conversation Wednesdays at 3:00 PM EST. It's a great way to discuss pricing topics, network with new people and learn new strategies. It is EASY to follow along and chat with us during a #PricingChat! Here are (3) basic steps to participate:  Step 1. Sign up for a Twitter Account - Log on to and create a profile! Add a picture of yourself, or a favorite photo as an avatar, and begin following accounts that peek interest. Personal friends, favorite brands, news outlets, etc. all have a presence on Twitter. Step 2. Follow @Pricing Society  In order to get the best in pricing news, updates, Conference and Workshop details, and of course our #PricingChats, you must follow the Professional Pricing Society Account on Twitter (@PricingSociety). All of the #PricingChat tweets and recaps can be found searching the hashtag #PricingChat. Step 3. Follow Along and Join the Conversation! 
  • Follow as the moderator (@PricingSociety) asks questions to participants. Every Tweet should use the #PricingChat hashtag (#) so that everyone can follow along and search for the content later.
  • Questions are often labeled, (Q1: , Q2:, Q3:, for example) and will include the hashtag (#PricingChat).
  • When answering questions, always include the hashtag (#PricingChat) so others can view the contributions to the conversation.
  • It is OK to greet new people within the chat as they join or "check-in."
  • RT-ing (re-tweeting) the posts of another user within the chat is a great way to show support for a statement or share them with your network of followers. The shares encourage others to participate as the chats are open to the public!

NEXT #PRICINGCHAT: 4.5.18  @ 2:00 PM EST

Peter Drucker said, “what gets measured improves.” It’s a simple concept that becomes infinitely more complicated when dealing with revenue management.  In our experience, regardless of being B2B or B2C, most pricing metrics are underutilized.  The lack of visibility and active management leads to lost sales and profit.  During our discussion, we will cover and answer the questions about revenue management KPIs that every organization needs to evaluate. 

About Featured Expert Avy Punwasse: Avy Punwasee is a founding principal of Revenue Management Labs, a boutique consultancy dedicated to realizing sustainable bottom line improvements through developing and executing innovative pricing strategies. With over 15 years of senior experience spanning pricing, strategy, and analytics, Avy has transitioned from being an in-house practitioner with large companies such as Anheuser Busch InBev, Ford Motor Company etc. to consulting for leading global companies. Remember this is a fun, open space for knowledge, sharing, and learning!

We welcome your thoughts!

Please join us on TWITTER for a NEW #PricingChat!

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Fall Pricing Workshops & Conference RECAP - Las Vegas

27th Annual Fall Pricing Workshops and Conference in Las Vegas Recap We had a WONDERFUL time in Las Vegas during the 27th Annual Fall Pricing Workshops and Conference #PPSLV16! Over 500 attendees enjoyed learning from industry leaders all over the world. We jam-packed four days with Pricing Workshops, Pricing Practitioners Tracks, Networking Receptions, Keynote Presentations, Sponsor Hall exhibits and giveaways, and so much more fun that only the great city of Las Vegas could deliver.

So many photos... so much to SHARE!

View event coverage on our Social Media platforms! Click the images to view:

Facebook conversations about the 27th Annual Fall Pricing Workshops and Conference in Las Vegas Top tweets from the 27th Annual Fall Pricing Workshops and Conference in Las Vegas Pricing videos on Periscope from the 27th Annual Fall Pricing Workshops and Conference in Las Vegas An Announcement To Conference Attendees: Thank you for attending - we hope that you downloaded the Conference Event APP for more interaction! Within the app are the Keynote and Breakout Session slides & presentation notes. To access:
  • Click on the "MENU" option on the main screen
  • Then click "Presentation Slides"
  • Select the Speaker/Presenter of interest & then select "Speaker Slides"
  • At the bottom of the new screen will appear another "MENU" icon option.
  • Select the icon to either access the PDF Files directly on your mobile device's web browser OR select the option to download & email to your address.
A special thank you to all of the Hotel Staff, PPS extended staff, team members, special guests and friends that made this such an exceptional Conference!

We want to hear from YOU! Comments, suggestions, feedback or concerns? Please drop us a line:

Registration for our upcoming Spring Pricing Workshops and Conference in Chicago, IL in 2018 is OPEN!

Register your team TODAY!

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Show Your CPP Certification With A LinkedIn Badge

Announcing LinkedIn Badge displays- the way to distinguish pricing expertise on your personal page! After completing all the courses and successfully passing all tests, qualified CPP (ers) can download and post the official badge on their LinkedIn Page!
Here's how:
  1. First, ensure that all Badge applicants ARE Certified Pricing Professionals verified through PPS. *Either join the exclusive CPP LinkedIn Group or send a direct email to PPS Membership
  2. Then, click on the exclusive embed link, given to CPP (ers) that have successfully completed all course work.
  3. Copy and paste the link to your personal LinkedIn page.
  4. Finally, share with your networks so that everyone can view your new Badge! *Click the image below to be directed to LinkedIn
LinkedIn Add to Profile button
There are many benefits to obtaining a CPP Designation. Online training offers offsite, flexible courses that feature the highest quality education and instructors. CPP Certification is priced to fit most budgets and to allow professionals to distinguish their training and knowledge from industry peers. Learn more about the CPP Designation:

Have a question about any of our programs?

Leave it below or send us an email:

Cherica Spann (Membership)

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