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The PricingChat: Learning On Twitter

#PricingChat Join the Professional Pricing Society on Twitter to chat pricing information and strategies with featured experts in real time! So, what IS a #PricingChat? Twitter is the VERY popular Social Media platform that operates in real-time connecting millions across the globe. Twitter chats, or #TweetChats occur when a group of people collectively tweet about the same topic using a specific hashtag (#). This allows the conversation/ topic to be found or searched by millions, at any time. Twitter chats are often repeated bi-weekly or weekly, and can be found using the same hashtag (#). PPS uses the Twitter chat format to discuss pricing industry information in our weekly #PricingChat! Join the conversation Wednesdays at 3:00 PM EST. It's a great way to discuss pricing topics, network with new people and learn new strategies. It is EASY to follow along and chat with us during a #PricingChat! Here are (3) basic steps to participate:  Step 1. Sign up for a Twitter Account - Log on to and create a profile! Add a picture of yourself, or a favorite photo as an avatar, and begin following accounts that peek interest. Personal friends, favorite brands, news outlets, etc. all have a presence on Twitter. Step 2. Follow @Pricing Society  In order to get the best in pricing news, updates, Conference and Workshop details, and of course our #PricingChats, you must follow the Professional Pricing Society Account on Twitter (@PricingSociety). All of the #PricingChat tweets and recaps can be found searching the hashtag #PricingChat. Step 3. Follow Along and Join the Conversation! 
  • Follow as the moderator (@PricingSociety) asks questions to participants. Every Tweet should use the #PricingChat hashtag (#) so that everyone can follow along and search for the content later.
  • Questions are often labeled, (Q1: , Q2:, Q3:, for example) and will include the hashtag (#PricingChat).
  • When answering questions, always include the hashtag (#PricingChat) so others can view the contributions to the conversation.
  • It is OK to greet new people within the chat as they join or "check-in."
  • RT-ing (re-tweeting) the posts of another user within the chat is a great way to show support for a statement or share them with your network of followers. The shares encourage others to participate as the chats are open to the public!

NEXT #PRICINGCHAT: 4.5.18  @ 2:00 PM EST

Peter Drucker said, “what gets measured improves.” It’s a simple concept that becomes infinitely more complicated when dealing with revenue management.  In our experience, regardless of being B2B or B2C, most pricing metrics are underutilized.  The lack of visibility and active management leads to lost sales and profit.  During our discussion, we will cover and answer the questions about revenue management KPIs that every organization needs to evaluate. 

About Featured Expert Avy Punwasse: Avy Punwasee is a founding principal of Revenue Management Labs, a boutique consultancy dedicated to realizing sustainable bottom line improvements through developing and executing innovative pricing strategies. With over 15 years of senior experience spanning pricing, strategy, and analytics, Avy has transitioned from being an in-house practitioner with large companies such as Anheuser Busch InBev, Ford Motor Company etc. to consulting for leading global companies. Remember this is a fun, open space for knowledge, sharing, and learning!

We welcome your thoughts!

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3 Ways CPQ Transforms Pricing Business

The term "CPQ" is tossed around, but we have the pricing tips proven to master the software.
  • What can CPQ do for pricing business?
  • How can pricing businesses avoid quote errors?
  • How can pricing businesses efficiently (quickly) create quotes?
  • How can pricing businesses attract customers with tailored offers using IMPROVED quotes?
  3-2 Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software can aid in core stages within business to set, control and quote pricing. CPQ software typically comes with a price engine that can assist businesses to keep their prices more in line with current market conditions – and to keep abreast of the competition.

CPQ software automatically pulls together all the necessary pricing information, allowing you to produce a quote promptly and accurately. Pricing data becomes streamlined, time is saved - and ultimately, more sales can be made.

It can be applicable in business-to-consumer (B2C) sale interactions, but is more commonly adopted in business-to-business (B2B) situations.

The Configure or configuration element, essentially refers to all the products or services that you want to include in the quote.


Click HERE to read the full article by Moira McCormick on!

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"Pricing Smoother Than Peanut Butter" With Peter Barr of McKesson

We talked with Peter Barr, Director of Pricing at McKesson, about pricing smoother to impact business in this #PricingPodcast. The McKesson Corporation is an American company distributing pharmaceuticals at a retail sale level and providing health information technology, medical supplies, and care management tools.McKesson is a top-ranked business grossing well over $100 billion in 2015. As a pricing expert, Peter has proven there is an art or skill, if you will, to mastering effective pricing. in this #PricingPodcast episode, he shares five great tips to improve smoother pricing in business! Click the image below to listen to the #PricingPodcast: Pricing podcast with pricing expert Peter Barr, Director of Pricing at McKesson About Peter Barr: Peter Barr has been leading pricing for distribution business for over 10 years and is the Senior Director of Pricing for the Primary Care Business at McKesson Medical-Surgical. He joined McKesson when the company acquired PSS World Medical, where he served as Director of Strategic Pricing. He previously served as the head of pricing for the plumbing and electrical businesses at HD Supply, where he worked in a series of leadership positions in pricing, operations and finance during his 16-year career with the company. Peter holds a B.S. in Finance and International Business from Oregon State University. We proudly feature McKesson Speakers during our events and this Spring during the 28th Annual Spring Pricing Workshops and Conference is no exception! Click the image for more information about the upcoming #PPSMIA Conference, to view the full Speaker lineup and register rooms for your team! Continue reading

"Quote-To-Cash" PricingPodcast With Michael Dunne of Apttus

In this #PricingPodcast episode, we learn fundamental strategies to improve "Quote-To-Cash" pricing with Michael Dunne, of Apttus! Dunne's strategic focus includes the automation of quote-to-cash processes, ways to innovate business practices through pricing analytics, intelligence, and guidance for innovative business practices. Listen to the interview and take-away tips to improve quote-to-cash pricing that can improve your business! Click the image below to listen to the #PricingPodcast About Michael Dunne: Michael Dunne is director of product marketing at Apttus, responsible for the company’s CPQ and digital commerce solutions. Dunne has appeared as a featured speaker during our Annual Pricing Conferences and Workshops hosting full sessions on CPQ/Sales Operations Tracks, namely "Pricing Excellence Through Quote-To-Cash". For sixteen years he was an analyst and Vice President at Gartner, the leading information technology research firm. While at Gartner he covered price optimization, CPQ, CRM, sales effectiveness and sales performance management technologies. He also worked as senior vice president at Creative Executions, a marketing and sales consulting firm. Thank you to Michael Dunne for lending expertise in another edition of our #PricingPodcast series!   Learn from more leading industry experts and take advantage of our educational Workshops during the 28th Annual Spring Pricing Workshops and Conference in Miami, FL!   Registration is OPEN! Continue reading

Value-Based Pricing #PricingChat With Stephan Liozu

Stephan Liozu, Ph.D. CPP, was our pricing expert for a special #PricingChat to discuss Value-Based pricing! A featured speaker at the 13th Annual European & Global Pricing Workshops and Conference, Liozu will share more sales, pricing and business education in-person during the European event. The special Twitter chat with PPS about Value-Based Pricing shared several strategic tips for implementation. The Twitter chat below features Liozu sharing strategy tips to implement value-based pricing in the business. View the FULL RECAP below:
Does your business use value-based pricing strategies?
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We return every other week on Twitter for an all-new #PricingChat!

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Set Pricing To Beat Competition: A PricingPodcast Featuring Alison Yama

Alison Yama, Senior Director with Holden Advisors, shares proven pricing strategies and case studies from wins against the competition.

Knowing your competitors is only half the battle in business. How do you compete when trying to price products? Price services? What are the winning businesses using to succeed? Pricing industry expert and Senior Director with Holden Advisors Alison Yama talked with PPS in this #PricingPodcast:

"Get Your Price and Win Against Low-Priced Competitors"

Click the image below to listen:

About Alison:

Alison is a Senior Director Product and Service Management. She has over two decades of marketing, sales, client, and relationship experience and currently creating thought-leading, innovative offerings to help Sales teams develop the backbone to defend value and price in the face of tough negotiations.

Prior to working with Holden Advisors, Alison was Principal of Consulting Services with Strategic Pricing Group where she lead consulting and educational services sales teams, large-scale project teams across multiple businesses, client relationship management, consultant development, and pricing content development.

The #PricingPodcast series provides a way to learn from the professionals that directly influence the pricing industry. Join us in-person this Spring during the 29th Annual Fall Pricing Workshops and Conference in Dallas, TX! Click the image for Registration Information!

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5 Pricing Tips For Startups

Pricing Chat Recap Pricing & The Startup Every industry can utilize pricing strategy tips, and our most recent #PricingChat focused on tips for the startup owner and entrepreneur. No matter the product, deciding on the best methods to price services or goods is crucial to revenue in business. No matter the changing market factors, several basic tips will ensure entrepreneurs can make the best decisions to receive the best ROI for their service offerings. Our recent #PricingChat was prompted by a Twitter conversation between several new followers, and their content sharing around tips for startup companies. and entrepreneurs. We asked President Kevin Mitchell to share several pricing tips for startup company owners and new entrepreneurs. Read below for the full recap!
PPS is always working to understand the needs of our growing audience of pricing and business professionals, and several pricing tips can be utilized for various industries.
Would you like to see more pricing tips for entrepreneurs? Have a general question about pricing? Join our next #PricingChat every Thursday at 2 PM EDT now on #FacebookLive!
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