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The PPS Virtual Summit: Pricing In A Crisis

The PPS Virtual Summit: Pricing In A Crisis

During this uncertain time, many businesses are looking for the best revenue management strategies to maintain profits, improve customer service and sustain jobs.

It's getting tough, and we understand. 

Companies that decide to leverage pricing during this time of crisis can improve their outcomes with the right business strategies. 

The Professional Pricing Society is here to guide your organization.  

We are gathering the brightest minds to share pricing best-strategies in real-time.

Access to this LIVE event is FREE - member or not.

Don't miss out on this two-day event, June 24-25, 2020.
REGISTER HERE (or click the image below)

All registrants will gain FREE access to the replay through June 26, 2020.

After June 26, the Summit will be moved to our members-only vault.

Our members enjoy access to 16 annual publications, unlimited replay of all prior webinars, and a community of pricers sharing their own best practices so that we can march forward together.

So don't hesitate to become a PPS member and capitalize on the value!



Register for the Pricing In A Crisis Virtual Summit and join the global tribe of PPS Members and Pricing Professionals.  

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Suddenly, Everything Is Different...In Data Science

Suddenly, Everything Is Different...In Data Science
The year began like most others, but then suddenly everything in business, especially regarding pricing, changed. We're now experiencing severe disruption in various industries. We explore how data science can improve pricing strategy for successful results. Continue reading

SEPTEMBER: Driving Customer Performance With Simon Kucher & Partners

PPS Webinar- 9.14.15

Driving Customer Performance Through Discounts and Rebates With Simon Kucher & Partners

When: Monday September 14, 2015 @ 12PM- 1PM EDT Webinar Details: In many B2B companies, discount and rebate structures are inconsistent and do not have a clear function. This frequently leads to situations where money is left on the table. The solution lies in the smart management of discounts and rebates. In recent years, many companies have adopted systems that rely less on the skills of the sales force and create a more objective link between price reductions and customer performance. Designing and implementing functional discount and rebate systems is not an easy task, but typically best in class companies increase profits by 1 to 4 % points in EBITDA. Philip Daus, Senior Director, with Simon-Kucher & Partners, will lead a webinar answering the following objectives:
  • Discount and rebate management systems that are aligned with strategic company objectives that help to increase sales and reduce costs
  • (Re)gaining discipline, consistency and control in customer discounting
  • Best practices for transitioning to an optimized discount and rebate system
Our webinars are FREE and open to the professional public.


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SEPT. WEBINAR: Pricing Strategy Execution With ZILLIANT

9.24.15 PPS WEBINAR When: September 24th @ 12:00PM - 1:00PM EDT Webinar Details: Selling more for more is a goal upon which both sales and pricing professionals can agree. For pricing and sales strategies to be successfully executed in the field, sales reps need the answers to three questions: which customers to call, which products to pitch, and what prices to quote. In other words, an “action plan” for every customer. Only prescriptive selling and pricing guidance can give sales reps the answers. Please join Zilliant’s Chief Marketing Officer Eric Hills as he explains the challenges inherent in executing pricing and sales strategies in the field, how to move from descriptive analytics to prescriptive analytics, and how to give sales reps the action plan they need to sell more for more.


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