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The Northeast Manufacturers Pricing Workshop - Jan 2016

Pricing Manufacturer's Wkshop 1.0

Pricing experts Adrienne Gordon and Lydia Di Liello are presenting the Manufacturers Pricing Workshop on January 29th, 2016!

This premiere forum for North East Ohio Configured Manufactures covers everything industry leaders need to know about the pricing landscape for 2016. Packed with unique strategies to maximize profits, learn more to get ahead of the competition!

Workshop Topics:

  • Custom and Configured Pricing Strategies (CPQ)
  • CPQ Technology
  • Raw Materials
  • Currency Fluctuations
  • Contracts
Friends of PPS and trusted pricing industry experts, Adrienne and Lydia have over 38 years of combined experience between them.

Register TODAY to take advantage of complex business strategies!

Both Lydia and Adrienne will be featured speakers during our Spring Pricing Workshops and Conference in Chicago, IL, May 2016! PPS Chicago 620x350 Web Banner E We highly recommend taking advantage of these opportunities! To learn more about the Configured Manufacturers Workshop please visit or Continue reading

NEW Pricing Education Course: Organizing Pricing For Success With Stephan Liozu

Pricing Education PPS Online Education Course: Organizing Pricing For Success

with Stephan M. Liozu Ph.D, CPP


Check out the latest Online Course Offering!

Description: Organizations and their leaders often struggle to design the right organization architecture for their pricing function. They face issues on where to locate the pricing team, how to allocate the reporting responsibilities, how to engage cross-functional collaboration, and how to raise the intellectual capital in pricing. In the end, a lack of a good organization design combined with an inadequate culture leads to more frequent pricing project failures. Pricing practitioners and pricing leaders should pay close attention to these organizational and human dimensions of pricing in order to create the right team culture and the right pricing training agenda. This unique one-day workshop combines the latest science in pricing organizational design, in change management for pricing, and in socio-technical pricing capabilities. Participants will receive both theoretical knowledge and practical tips on how to set a successful pricing team and how to improve their collaboration culture with respect to pricing. Attendees Will Learn:
  • Various options to organize pricing
  • How to create a Pricing Council and a strategic weapon
  • How to create a collaborative culture between pricing, sales and marketing
  • How to leverage change management methodologies to drive pricing change
  • How to design and implementation a progressive pricing training program
About Stephan Liozu:

Stephan M. Liozu is a creator, a disruptor, a designer, a creator and an innovator. With over 20 years of experience in business, he has recently focused on design and creativity in value and pricing strategies. Stephan has worked for both Fortune 500 companies and family-owned business. He earned his CPP designation in 2009 and recently achieved the Prosci® change management certification.

Over the past few years, Stephan published academic articles in the Journal of Revenue & Pricing Management, Journal of Business Strategy, MIT Sloan Management Review, and Industrial Marketing Management as well as in the Journal of Strategic Marketing.

He has also written several articles on strategic pricing issues for the Journal of Professional Pricing and is a regular presenter at Professional Pricing Society conferences in Europe and North America as well as the Strategic Account Management Association conferences.

The co-author of Innovation in Pricing – Contemporary Theories and Best Practices (with Dr. Andreas Hinterhuber) published in the fall of 2012, he also authored “The ROI of Pricing” that will be published in January 2014. Stephan holds a Master’s degree in Innovation Management and earned a Ph.D. in Management from Case Western Reserve University. Stephan sits on the Advisory Board of LeveragePoint Innovation, 360pi, and of the Professional Pricing Society.

Register TODAY and take advantage of this Pricing Course!

Click HERE for a Full-List of available online courses!

For more information, please visit Continue reading

Take A FREE Price Optimization Assessment With Vistaar!

One of our Corporate Sponsors, Vistaar is offering friends and members of the Professional Pricing Society a FREE Price Optimization Assessment! Vistaar provides solutions that enable companies to optimize prices and drive profitable growth through improved planning, selling and tracking processes. Learn how to price long-term agreements that meet revenue, margin, and customer specific objectives with an Agreement Price Optimization (APO) SaaS Solution! B2B organizations and sales professionals: take advantage of the FREE APO Value Assessment, designed to identify 200-400 bps of actionable value in just weeks! Click the image below to start the FREE Assessment for YOUR company today! pathupdated Thanks to our friends at Vistaar and happy pricing! Continue reading

The Pricing Conference RECAP #PPSAMS


The #PPSAMS Team closing out another successful conference!

We had a wonderful time during the European Global Pricing Workshops and Conference in Amsterdam! The PPS team spent several days in the city preparing for attendees, Sponsors, Speakers and guests and pulled off another successful Conference! Check out the highlights below!

View the Twitter Recap via Storify:

We took live videos via Periscope while in Amsterdam! WATCH the replays of #PPSAMS by clicking the image below:#PPSAMS on Periscope (via Katch)
Follow @Pricingsociety on Twitter & Periscope to catch all of our pricing news, videos, #PricingScopes, #PricingChats, events and shares in real-time!
A very special THANK YOU to all of our extended staff in Amsterdam, our Host Hotel, the attendees, Sponsors, Keynote Speakers and Workshop leaders! We could not pull off our Annual Workshops and Conferences without everyone involved. We'd love to hear how YOU enjoyed #PPSAMS - simply share on Social Media by using the hashtag!
Reservations are NOW open for the Spring Pricing Workshops and Conference in Chicago! #PPSCHI
Click the image below to learn more and RSVP your team today! PPS Chicago 620x350 Web Banner E
Until the next Pricing Workshops and Conference... happy pricing! ;)
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We Want To Hear From YOU!

PPS Survey 2015 We've had a very exciting year, and as we prepare for 2016 we'd like to hear from our Pricing community! Please help us by completing the Professional Pricing Society Survey 2015. Please take a few minutes, no longer than 8, to complete the survey. We're asking our Members and Non-Members alike to provide feedback. Please click the link below:


Thank you in advance for your cooperation, participation and suggestions to help make PPS work for our Pricing family! Continue reading

Membership Has Benefits

Happy and successful team of colleagues sitting together to work out business plansIn today’s touch-and-go economy, it’s difficult to imagine anyone not investing in their professional future. Those that are treading water in their occupations are trying not to drown, and many people are scrambling to keep the jobs that used to pay exponentially more, only 5-10 years ago. The market is flooded with workers who will work cheaper and longer than you, and the reality is there aren’t as many jobs as there were before. Gone are the days that a college graduate starts and works for a company for 35 years, retires, and receives a gold watch; Forrester Research predicts the average person will now hold twelve to fifteen jobs in a lifetime! These concerns often raise questions and concerns about the future. For example, how can one increase value as an employee? Or, how can employees sell themselves as an asset to potential new employers? With a new graduates emerging into the marketplace each year, challenges will likely increase, forcing the business professional to find new ways to stand out. PPS membership is a way to distinguish amongst peers as a dynamic expert in your field! Take advantage of the opportunity to connect with other pricing professionals, take exclusive courses from pricing experts, and even receive a CPP Designation. There is also:
    • Access to Journals
    • Monthly Newsletter
    • Discount rates during Pricing Workshops and Conferences throughout the year
WATCH our Membership Manager Cherica Span share more information on Perisocpe: PPS Membership Image 1.0

We'd love for you to become a member!

Sign up your team to start the new year off with all-NEW professional development! For more information on starting a career in pricing, visit our MEMBERSHIP PAGE. Continue reading

Channel Pricing: Best Practices - Pricing Chat RECAP

Pricing expert Adrienne Gordon of shared with us on Twitter strategic tips about advancements in channel pricing in this #PricingChat RECAP.   What is Channel Pricing? How can it work to improve business? Specifically in retail or e-commerce?
When the final consumer of your product are services are funneled through partners, such as distributors or retailers, they are frequently called channel partners. Channel pricing strategies must consider not only the final consumer price, but also those partner price points. -- Adrienne Gordon
Adrienne shares a few ways to make Channel Pricing work for business. View the full chat below:  

Positive feedback from the #PricingChat:

Screenshot 2015-11-18 14.36.55 About Adrienne: Adrienne Gordon dedicated her career to pricing since 1999, working with multiple companies in several different pricing roles. She began her pricing career at Parker Hannifin as the project manager of their global strategic pricing initiative. During this time, Adrienne worked with multiple consulting groups and revenue optimization technology companies as she helped architect the vision for Parker’s Best in Class pricing approach. From there, Adrienne took the Director of Pricing role at American Greetings, where she executed a multi-phase value pricing research effort ultimately resulting in the redesign of their approach to pricing cards. At Eaton Corp, she worked with several different businesses on strategic projects as an internal consultant. Finally, in 2009, Adrienne became an external pricing consultant based in Northeast Ohio, working with dozens of companies in the manufacturing and distribution space. Prior to pricing, Adrienne held several roles in Technical Sales and Marketing. She holds an MBA in Marketing from Western New England College and a Bachelor’s in Engineering from Boston University. Today, she is a blogger, author, and entrepreneur. For more information about Adrienne's pricing services, company strategies and Channel pricing, visit Share the date of our next #PricingChat - view the calendar on our Facebook Page! Continue reading

#PPSSF - Conference Recap

We had an amazing time in San Francisco during the 26th Annual Pricing Workshops and Conference! During October 20-23 over 450 attendees packed Workshops, Breakout Sessions, the Executive Summit, Networking Receptions, Keynote Addresses and more. We have the Recaps. PPS captured the memories via Social Media by sharing Tweets, pictures, and live video on Periscope. Keep reading to take a look at the team, attendees, Speakers, Workshops and city sights from our Fall Pricing Conference Workshops! Click the images and links below for more #PPSSF! Check out the Tweets - a collection of #PPSSF Tweets throughout the week of Workshops and Conference! Follow @PricingSociety on Twitter! WATCH the Periscope videos from the PROS Reception, Sponsor Hall, and more on our You Tube Channel! Click the image below to view the Playlist. PPS On Periscope Follow @PricingSociety on Periscope for more #PricingScopes and notifications of new, live videos. The entire #PPSSF Photo Gallery is live on Facebook! View photos from our great time in San Francisco HERE.
#PPSSF was another info-packed pricing event featuring the leading pricing experts from around the world! We hosted 11 Workshops, an Executive Summit, Keynote presentations and a host of breakout tracks including the all-new CPQ track which was a huge success. Each evening was packed with networking and sharing best practices with pricing peers- we truly love connecting our pricing folks! - Lisa Miles-Atkins, Director of Key Accounts @ The Professional Pricing Society
A special thank you to our team in San Francisco, our Sponsors, members, the hotel staff and everyone and location that worked to make #PPSSF such a success! We had a wonderful time and look forward to returning! Save-The-Date NOW for our Spring Pricing Workshops and Conference 2016... in CHICAGO!! (Click the link) Continue reading

The Pricing Workshops and Conference Call For Speakers

Announcing the Official Call For Speakers! Spring 2018 PPS is heading back to Chicago for the 29th Annual Spring Pricing Workshops & Conference, and we're looking for new Keynote & Workshop Speakers!

WATCH below for more details:

[video width="" height="" mp4=""][/video] Speaker Submission Requirements: Presentation Title: This is the opportunity to capture the potential audience! Please make sure the title is catchy and directly speaks to the proposed topic. Abstract: The abstract should be presented in a problem/solution format that will engage an audience and provide value in the explanation/presentation. The abstract is limited to approximately 750 characters. Objectives: Your objectives will be 3 statements that finish the start ‘Participants will learn…’ and should highlight what participants will be able to practically apply when they return to work after the conference. The objectives are limited to approximately 400 characters. Bio: Your professional bio should include your current job title and organization, key areas of expertise or knowledge, any authorships and professional association with PPS/CPP, and finally education earned. The bio is limited to 500 characters. Preferred Topics:
  • Career success stories from Pricing Practitioners
  • Real life case studies; data may be manipulated for proprietary protection
  • Pricing Psychology and Behavioral Economics
  • Pricing Strategy & Tactics
  • Managing the Pricing Department
  • Revenue Management
  • Pricing and Strategy by Country, Region & Market Segment
  • Healthcare / Pharmaceutical / Medical Pricing
  • Sales Enablement
Important Note: Due to the large volume of responses, PPS will not consider submissions with incomplete data, a missing Title, Abstract or Bio, and those not meeting the required character count. View the FULL list of requirements and submit an application HERE. Questions? Contact the Director of Education and Certification: Michael Tatonetti Phone: +1.770.509.9933 E-mail: We look forward to your submissions and we'll see you in Chicago during #PPSCHI18! Continue reading

#PPSSF - A Twitter Recap

Did you miss the chance to experience the 26th Annual Pricing Workshops and Conference in San Francisco in person? Don't worry, we have the Twitter Recap. Take a look at our collection of #PPSSF Tweets throughout the week from the PPS team, Conference Attendees, Speakers, Workshops and city sights! For more Conference Recaps search #PPSSF across Social Media or search "#PPSSF" on Save-the-date now, we're heading to Chicago next Spring! Get on the list HERE. Continue reading