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The Price of Pricing Effectiveness: Is the View Worth the Climb?

In this article, the author analyzes several commonalities associated with enhanced performance in pricing inherent in high-preforming companies. She also provides multiple examples of companies at varying stages of pricing transformation as well as different pricing implementation strategies in varying industries to give pricers strategies and insights they can employ in their own pricing journeys. Julie Meehan is a principal in the Customer & Marketing practice of Deloitte Consulting LLP. She can be reached at The author would like to acknowledge the contributions of Chuck Davenport, Shruti Kahlon, Michael Hart, and Matthew Herbein, all formerly of Deloitte Consulting LLP. Continue reading

What Percent of Value Should We Capture in Price? Framing the Question Influences the Outcomes

The question of how value should be split arises repeatedly in customer-value-centric organizations. It should be addressed in a thoughtful and systematic way. When building a product development or launch plan, teams debate feasible pricing ranges based on capturing value. Product teams who incorporate value into their discussions indicate that it helps them understand their positioning better and that it makes their decision-making customer-centric. In this article, the author presents several approaches to framing the value-capture questions and developing effective value-pricing strategies. Peyton Marshall is CEO and Chairman of the Board of LeveragePoint. He can be reached at Continue reading

Status of the Pricing Function in Large Firms

In this article, the author presents the findings from his recent pricing industry research study implemented to determine the growth of pricing in large organizations. Stephan M. Liozu, PhD is Chief Value Officer of the Thales Group ( and an Adjunct Professor & Research Fellow at the Case Western Research University Weatherhead School of Management. He holds a Ph.D. in Management from Case Western Reserve University (2013), an MS in Innovation Management from Toulouse School of Management (2005), and an MBA in Marketing from Cleveland State University (1991). He is a Certified Pricing Professional (CPP), a Prosci certified Change Manager, and a Strategyzer Business Model Innovation Coach. He authored five books, including his most recent entitled Monetizing Data (2018). He sits on the Advisory Board of LeveragePoint Innovation and of the Professional Pricing Society. Continue reading