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Has Apple Reached Its Price Limit, or Is There Still Room to Grow?

Apple has an impressive history of breaking price barriers, but consumers were surprised to see a price cut at this year’s iPhone launch. Based on findings of a recent Simon-Kucher study, technology experts Nick Zarb and Nathan Weinrauch
discuss what this means for Apple’s future revenue growth. Nick Zarb ( is a Senior Director in the San Francisco office and Nathan Weinrach ( is a Consultant in the New York office of Simon-Kucher & Partners. Continue reading

Why Is Every Streaming Service Using the Same Pricing Model?

Streaming services are the big rage, but instead of aggregating and creating discounted bundles, each streaming service is selling “take it all or nothing” deals. Streaming services need to put a little more thought into their pricing strategies and provide more affordable options, as the author explains. Rafi Mohammed is the founder of Culture of Profit, a consultancy that helps companies develop and improve their pricing strategies, and the author of The Art of Pricing: How to Find the Hidden Profits to Grow Your Business (Crown Business, 2005) and The 1% Windfall: How Successful Companies Use Price to Profit and Grow Harper Business, 2010). Follow him on Twitter @cultureofprofit. Continue reading

Subscription Pricing: Benefits, Metrics & Team Alignment

Subscription pricing is rapidly spreading across industries and by all accounts has passed the “tipping point” in broad market acceptance. Are you prepared to seize the opportunity, as your competitors are doing and as the market is demanding?
Or will your business become a casualty of this disruptive pricing model? This article will present an overview of the best practices to follow when implementing subscription pricing. Author Paul Hunt is the president of Pricing Solutions and a frequent PPS presenter, instructor, and contributor. He can be reached at Continue reading

Is That Membership Paying Off?

There is an assumption that certain low-cost providers (think Costco, Amazon, Target, or Walmart, for example) must necessarily have the lowest prices on a given item. However, that assumption is often false. Brands count on customers being
sticky and not comparison shopping for every single item. The presence of a membership fee makes that stickiness even truer, as the author explains.

Kyle Thompson-Westra is a Consultant at Wiglaf Pricing. His background includes digital strategy, marketing analytics, and international relations. He can be reached at

Continue reading

Nine Must-Haves to Implement Your Pricing Strategy Successfully

Pricing: no other lever has more impact on profitability. Once you have developed the perfect pricing strategy, you also have to develop an effective implementation strategy designed to drive the success of your pricing approach. Most of the time,
strategy development is clean, but implementation is dirty and often fails to meet its full potential since crucial ingredients for success are lacking. In this article, the author presents nine key success factors for achieving the goal of a successful
pricing strategy implementation. Continue reading

The Many Flavors of Price Variance

When crafting a corporate policy, it is important to translate a company’s reality into pricing rules that can be easily understood and applied across the board. Looking at price variances in a few different ways can help you better understand that reality. In this article, the author explores and explains multiple types and drivers of price variance and their implications for developing pricing strategies. Continue reading