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Data Science and CPQ Myths and Realities

In the sales force automation world, artificial intelligence, machine learning and prescriptive analytics are buzzwords being casually thrown around as the hot new capabilities for everything, including configure, price, quote (CPQ) solutions. Typical of emerging technologies, it is often difficult to filter out the facts from the rules-based spin.

In this webinar, we’ll take an in depth look at the advantages that true data science-based capabilities can bring to CPQ, with a focus on price <span class="details">optimization and intelligent cross-sell/upsell. Learn how to turn automation into sales acceleration by delivering prescriptive price and product insights to all your sales channels and move CPQ from a process automation tool to a revenue and profit realization engine.</span>

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Bundling 2.0: Big Mac vs. Big Data

We grow revenue when more customers buy more from us. How much of this can be addressed by traditional methods, and how can data and analytics help?

Webinar brought to you by PPS, featuring Matthew Jackson from Simon-Kucher &amp; Partners

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Home Run or Strike Out: 5 Pricing Power Scenarios You Should Master

A practical first step is to determine if your current pricing practices are actually costing you money – and where. We’ve spent a decade working with industrial B2B companies who are looking for innovative ways to hold on to — and grow — margins. Before embarking on a pricing initiative, we’ve helped them take a hard look at their business with diagnostic tests to determine if and where poor pricing practices are creating waste, and then target specific approaches to recover that waste.

Please join Zilliant’s General Manager of Pricing Excellence Solutions Barrett Thompson as he dives into the process inefficiencies that could be costing you money, explains how they reverberate throughout the business, and discusses best practices to correct those inefficiencies.

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