Company Focus For Increased Profits – With Lydia DiLiello

Improve pricing focus for increased profits

We chatted with pricing expert Lydia DiLiello about ways companies can improve their pricing focus for increased profits.

When companies don’t have a clear directive, it becomes difficult to increase profits. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Lydia DiLiello hopped on Twitter to provide strategic answers to questions including:

  • Should companies be focused on top line revenue or bottom line profit?
  • Can companies increase profitability with their poor pricing practices?  
  • What impact does dirty data have on a company’s ability to increase profit?
  •  How can companies use price lists to increase profitability?  And more! 

View the full #PricingChat recap below:

Lydia DiLiello is the Founder & Principal of Capital Pricing Consultants, and Professional Pricing Society Board Member. Have more questions about this pricing topic? Send her a tweet @LydiaDiLiello.
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