Price Certainty in Uncertain Times…

Price Certainty in Uncertain Times…

Price Certainty in Uncertain Times: 10 Ways to Stop Leaving Money on the Table

Updated with our latest experiences helping companies build their pricing confidence, this Online Pricing Course will provide managers with 10 real-world pricing best practices that will help them understand how to limit discounting, clarify the organization’s pricing strategy, quantify the financial benefit of an offering, target high value customers, and help sales prepare for tough negotiations. Participants will leave the course with a roadmap for how they can apply pricing best practices to take their organization from ad hoc pricing to pricing with confidence.

Duration: 163 minutes

Attendees will learn:

  • Understand effective pricing analysis to kick the discounting habit

  • Quantify the financial benefit your customers receive from your product and services

  • Apply one of three simple pricing strategies

  • Give sales the tools they need to be more effective in dealing with customers who are Poker Players

  • Work with finance to increase efficiency, identify relevant costs for pricing, and institute better profit metrics for pricing success

  • Team up with product management to develop an offering structure to block competitor’s moves against you and provide sales with more effective negotiating tools

  • Force their competitors to react to their pricing Build their organization’s selling backbone by teaching them how to negotiate with value

  • Move from cost-plus to value-based pricing

  • Price with confidence – remember who you are!

Mark Burton

Co-Founder & Vice President, Holden Advisors

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