Pricing Transformation: Creating the Passion, Urgency…

Pricing Transformation: Creating the Passion, Urgency…

Pricing Transformation: Creating  the Passion, Urgency and Skill for Superior Pricing across Business, Marketing & Sales

Achieving superior pricing goes well beyond the price setting and analysis typically done by the pricing organization. It requires a supportive company culture with a passion and urgency for pricing and profit enhancement, strong price execution motivation and skills throughout sales, the right pricing organization/structure, as well as the right pricing processes and systems. This critical part of a company’s pricing transformation is often over looked or under invested in. Pricing leaders need to expand their role to include driving this broader transformation.

This course covers many of the successful and practical strategies and tactics used by Smith as she led the DuPont Company’s pricing transformation.

This course is targeted for business management and pricing leaders who desire to have a greater influence on the company culture and business, marketing and sales organizations to improve the company’s ability to deliver far greater pricing benefits.

Joanne Smith

President, Pricing to Profits Consulting

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