Quantitative Methods That Help to Optimise Your Pricing

Quantitative Methods That Help to Optimise Your Pricing

Stephan Butscher will give you insights into several quantitative methods and tools to help optimize your pricing.

This course will not cover details of how to analyse, interpret and present data. Rather it will provide a blueprint of how to use these methods and includes a theoretical background, “pros & cons” and examples to bring each method to life.

The methods covered in this course will help you answer questions on market priority, value proposition and competitiveness as well as price levels. In the price strategy section, you will learn where you should compete and why using value-price assessments, alignment tactics, and other quantitative strategies.

In the second part of the course we will examine price setting and how to measure willingness to pay, a topic that many companies struggle with.

Duration: 136 minutes

Attendees will learn:

  • Volume estimations using internal experts judgment

  • Decisions from real consumer purchases

  • Consumer trade-offs and choices (including conjoint)

Stephan A. Butscher

Chief Talent Officer, Simon, Kucher & Partners

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