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Are you interested in learning more about the Certified Pricing Professional (CPP) and seeing how a course looks?

View our demo course where Dr. Tim Smith, CPP explains how to earn your CPP and why you need to for professional advancement!

What is the CPP?
The Certified Pricing Professional (CPP) designation is the standard for advanced knowledge and expertise in the field of Pricing. Since 2003, over 900 individuals have taken courses in pricing through Professional Pricing Society and pass their exam to earn the CPP designation. The CPP indicates knowledge and skill in pricing across industries.


How do I achieve the CPP designation?
To earn the CPP designation, one must:

  • Take 6 classes through Professional Pricing Society and pass each class’s test
  • Register for the CPP Exam and Study Sessions
  • Complete the Study Sessions for review
  • Sit for the CPP Exam Each student must take Core Pricing Skills, then may choose 5 elective courses from our catalogue of online courses and in-person workshops.

Online courses are available 24/7 with internet connection. In-person workshops are available at each of our conferences throughout the world. At the completion of each course, students will pass the accompanying test for the course. After 6 courses are completed, the student will be registered into the CPP Exam and accompanying Study Sessions. Study Sessions are available online and can be completed at your own pace. Once ready to sit for the CPP exam, the student will have a 4 hour window to complete this online. After successfully completion of the 6 courses, course tests, study sessions and CPP exam, the candidate will be awarded the CPP designation. No prerequisites are necessary to enroll in the CPP program.

How long does it take to complete each class? The program? The exam?
Each class may be completed in a self-paced manner. Courses range from 2.5-4.5 hours in length and can be paused and resumed at your leisure. The program is also self-paced, but many complete the entire program in 6-12 months. The final CPP exam must be completed in one sitting and is timed at 4 hours.

How do I know which courses are right for me? 
Students are required to take Core Pricing Skills then choose 5 additional courses at their discretion based on career goals, skill gaps and personal interest. For assistance with choosing your courses, our Education team is happy to assist. Please contact Michael Tatonetti, Director of Certification & Education, for assistance at Elective courses may be changed throughout the program so long as you have not begun the course.

Are there Continuing Education or Re-certification requirements? 
Those who begin their CPP program on or after October 1, 2016 will be required to earn 2 credits every 2 years after they complete their certification program to maintain certification. Those who began by September 30, 2016 will not be required to earn continuing education credits, but are highly encouraged to earn 2 credits every 2 years after completing certification as this keeps you informed of current trends in Pricing. The two credits may be earned by taking 2 online courses, attending 2 workshop days at any of our conferences, or a combination of 1 workshop day and 1 online course. There are no re-certification requirements and no exam will be taken after the initial CPP exam is passed.

How much will it cost to earn the CPP designation?
We offer a variety of options in pricing your CPP designation. Courses and the exam may be paid for a la carte, as a single bundle, or as a bundle for a team. We do recommend first purchasing a PPS membership as this provides discount pricing on a la carte purchases and bundles. With membership, our individual bundle inclusive of 6 courses and the study sessions with exam is $3,795. For current pricing, please visit

How do I begin? 
To begin your CPP program, please contact our Membership team at or 770-509-9933. You may also purchase your courses or bundle HERE

What if I fail my course/CPP exam? 
Online courses come with 3 attempts at the course quiz and the CPP exam comes with 2 attempts. If you do not successfully pass within the allotted attempts, you will need to purchase access again to the course or exam. Online courses are $495 for members or $695 for non-members and the CPP exam is $1,295.

Earn Your CPP in 6 Easy Steps

Choose Your Path
Decide if you will earn your 6 classes entirely online, entirely through live workshops, or a hybrid.
Contact Dr. Michael Tatonetti at for academic advising on your course selection.
Contact to register, completes your invoice, and gain your login information.
Pass Six Classes
Complete your six courses and pass each course final.
Pass CPP Exam
Complete 11 online study sessions and sit for your 4 hour CPP Exam online.
Done! Time to update your LinkedIn profile and resume!


Download this PDF for more info!