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CPP Bundles

We, at the Professional Pricing Society, understand that financial constraints can be an obstacle that may prevent you from realizing your full potential. Therefore, we have specifically designed CPP packages to enable you to save money and make pricing training more convenient.

Single CPP Package: Perfect for a single pricing professional, the single CPP package offers 6 online courses at extremely affordable rates.

Team CPP Packages: With options for teams of up to four or up to ten pricing professionals, you can opt for the team CPP package. It offers 24 online pricing courses and helps each individual professional save more money. 

Each Bundle Includes the following items for each team member:

  • 6 online courses 
  • An online CPP Exam 
  • A 6 month trial membership

Bundles can be purchased on an individual basis or for teams of 4 or 10

The CPP Online Exam can also be purchased individually if desired. 


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