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2-3 December 2020


About The Summit

Not every company will leverage pricing during this time of crisis, but your organization can have a better outcome with the right business strategies. We are bringing together the brightest minds to share real-time pricing best practices at the Global & European Pricing in a Crisis Virtual Summit. We care about the entire community, so live access will be 100% free for PPS Members and non-members. After the Summit has taken place, it will be moved to our Members Only vault, so we encourage you to become a member for continued access.

The Global & European Pricing in a Crisis Virtual Summit will take place 2-3 December 2020.

Together, we can get through this turbulent time.



  • Wednesday, December 2nd
  • Thursday, December 3rd

6:10AM - 6:50AM EST | Debunking Dynamic Pricing in B2B: Why Black Boxes are Doomed 

The reputation of dynamic pricing has evolved almost as rapidly as the technology and talent that empowers it. What started as a way for airlines and hotels to balance supply and demand for perishable inventory is often seen as pricing’s holy grail: the right price decision at the right time for a specific customer. But many B2B companies remain skeptical about dynamic pricing. Reinforcing their doubts are several myths and misperceptions that label it as too daunting or as high-tech overkill. In this talk we’ll debunk myths around dynamic pricing and share our vision of what impact it can bring 

Attendees will learn:

- To avoid dynamic pricing failures
- The best combination of strategy, algorithms, and human capabilities
- How dynamic pricing can be for you

7:00AM - 7:40AM EST | Behavioral Pricing: Fun Facts or Fundamental Framework?

The insight that people are predictably irrational has become mainstream. While many have focused on how to apply these insights to pricing, this presentation will move beyond anecdotal to specific pricing tactics. We will show that behavioral pricing provides a fundamentally different and comprehensive framework for developing more profitable pricing strategies in B2C and B2B. By consistently building a better understanding of the customers’ decision-making process, we will see that this approach also inherently avoids the notorious clash between pricing and sales.

 Attendees will learn:
-  Utilize behavioral pricing as your foundation

- Translate behavioral economics into pricing strategies 

Unify pricing and sales

7:50AM - 8:30AM EST | Monetizing Innovation: More Outside In than Inside Out

Innovation management is among the top strategic priorities of B2B and B2C companies, yet most are failing in achieving their objectives. The success of your new innovation is strongly linked to successful pricing, and this is where many companies struggle. In this session, we will highlight the importance of integrating the customer in the monetization process and introduce you to a nine step-process that will support you to successfully monetize your innovations with market-oriented pricing.

Attendees will learn:

- A nine step-framework that supports the monetization process

- When to involve consumers in the price-setting process

- Pragmatic exercises to derive meaningful price ranges

8:40AM - 9:20AM EST | Digital Transformation and Tangible Opportunities...

Digital Transformation and Tangible Opportunitiesto Solve your Pricing Challenges

Many of us are going through the process of adopting digital technology, replacing non-digital or manual processes with digital processes, or replacing older digital technology with newer digital technology. In addition to efficiency via automation, digital solutions may enable new types of innovation and creativity, rather than simply enhancing and supporting traditional methods. Pricing plays an important role here because in order to monetize these innovations, you need to establish a business process. Don’t allow your digital transformation to only increase efficiency - we’ll discuss how to let it drive innovation.

Attendees will learn:

- Measurement of KPIs (ie. target alignment, competitive indices)

- To broaden the pricing models you support while leveraging flexibility to switch models

- To manage customer acceptance and increasing customer satisfaction.

9:30AM - 10:10AM EST | Strategies to Support Sales in Selling on Value

How do we enabled sales teams to be more productive and efficient in protecting price attainment? Encourage earlier conversations about clients’ key needs and value perspectives. In this presentation, we will discuss how the pricing team can best provide proactive price guidance to accelerate sales cycles and help sales to be more effective and efficient - while leveraging profitability.

Attendees will learn:

- Why collaborating with Sales throughout the sales process is key

How you can anticipate Sales needs and proactively guide them to better pricing 

The keys to effectively scaling pricing support to accelerate Sales cycles

10:20AM - 11:00AM EST | Convincing the C-Suite to Invest in Pricing

More and more companies are embracing pricing and starting their pricing journey. Progress is made slowly but surely. However, it is an uphill battle for pricing leaders to receive attention from the C-suite and convincing C-suite executives to invest more in pricing. Based on the latest research in this area, Stephan Liozu discusses the topic of C-suite adoption of pricing. He offers a view of the perception of pricing in the C-suite and proposed best practices to convince the CEO to pay more attention to strategic pricing. He makes the case for a greater sense of urgency to make pricing a priority post-COVID and in the next normal.

 Attendees will learn:

- Current perceptions of C-suite executives with regards to pricing

Potential reasons for the last of adoption of pricing in the C-suite 

Best practices to convince the C-suite to invest more in pricing

6:10AM - 6:50AM EST | Pricing Director Day One

On day one, what actions should a new pricing director of a newly established pricing function take to deliver a positive impact? What should be expected of her? What should she do? How should she be prepared to be measured? Day One action items.

Attendees will learn: 

- Pricing Functional Performance Metrics

Company Price Performance Measurements for Determining Action 

Action Outcome Required

7:00AM - 7:40AM EST | Towards Guided Pricing: Where AI Can Truly Deliver

A few years back, only a fraction of advanced companies moved beyond pilots and actually deployed advanced solutions. Now, it’s another story. Cloud is more democratized than ever, the vast majority of companies are running large scale digital transformations, and pricing software penetration is increasing at a faster pace. But still, something just doesn’t feel right. We believe – and will show – that AI is only halfway today, and can deliver much more to pricing. We call this approach “Guided Pricing” and will take you through its main facets in this talk.

Attendees will learn: 

- Where AI-based Pricing is heading

Build a compass for full value extraction 

Pricing 2025: where we are heading

 7:50AM - 8:30AM EST | Pricing (R)evolution: From Process View to Pricing Eco-Systems

We often look at pricing as a process. We suggest to see pricing as an entire eco-system, where pricing challenges cannot be solved in isolation, but in consideration of multiple intercompany dependencies. Practicioners have to think about the right strategy, streamlining processes, handling fragmented system landscapes, organizational requirements, handling tons of data or dynamic business situations. We will present insights of how new pricing strategies, technologies, software and applied data science impact the design of operating models. 

Attendees will learn:

- Pitfalls and shortcoming of classical pricing projects

Pricing Eco-System Framework 

- Success factors for leveraging the full pricing potential

8:40AM - 9:20AM EST | Digital Negotiations in B2B Commerce

"Hey, Alexa! How do I get a better deal on the products I selected?" – a question that procurement agents might be asking sooner rather than later. The current shift to virtual sales has created a massive opportunity to delight B2B buyers. Negotiations represent the last mile of pricing and sales activities, a dialogue where parties align their interests. Reimagining negotiations goes beyond simply modernising the digital selling process.

Attendees will Learn: 

- Digitised customer engagement throughout the sales process

- Efficiencies gained through workflow automation

- Agility that drives transformation across the organisation

9:30AM - 10:10AM EST | Leveraging AI for Powerful and Transparent Price Optimization

AI has come a long way, and pricing now has the opportunity for powerful and transparent price optimization. The best organizations are now able to create a scientific analytical segmentation plan, define homogenous segments based on margin or discount rate distribution, and ultimately optimize the full waterfall. In this presentation, we will consider multiple constraints and business strategies for you to implement.

Attendees will learn: 

- Define homogeneous segments

- Calculate optimized deal guidance 

Optimize the full waterfall

10:20AM - 11:00AM EST | The Hidden Costs of Ineffective and Inefficient Pricing

B2B companies operate with a standard underlying cost in their business that they do not fully realize – the cost of poor pricing practices such as misaligned market pricing, inconsistent pricing, and inefficient pricing processes. Each of these missteps are deceptively small when evaluated individually; it is the combined effect that results in significant, pervasive margin and revenue cost, year after year. In this session, we will review the findings from Zilliant’s 2020 Global B2B Benchmark Report.

Attendees will learn: 

- Quantitative and qualitative evidence to look for

- How to measure your company against benchmarks 

First steps to regaining profit margin loss

#PPSEuro20 Sponsors

Camille Brege is a Managing Director and Partner in the Paris office of BCG. Within BCG, she is leading the B2B pricing topic in Europe and she is a core member of BCG Gamma, the data science team of BCG. She has led several pricing transformations for Industrial clients, in particular in the building material and machinery and industrial automation sectors. Camille earned her MS Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University.

Dr. Florian Bauer co-founded Vocatus, an internationally active pricing consulting company, in 1999. Since then, he and his team have focused on systematically translating behavioral economics insights into a completely new pricing framework, which has demonstrated its superiority to classic approaches in hundreds of pricing and sales projects around the globe. Besides his consulting engagements, Florian Bauer is an honorary professor at the Technical University of Munich. Dr. Bauer studied Psychology and Economics at the Technical University (Darmstadt), MIT, and Harvard University.

Alexander Bilsing is a Senior Director in the Consumer Goods and Retail Practice of Simon-Kucher & Partners. His expertise includes guiding Consumer Goods and Retail companies to gain more revenue through product pricing, promotion management, range set up, and terms & conditions. He studied Business Administration in Mannheim, Quebec, and Rotterdam and holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing Management.

Maarten Oosten is Director of Data Science at Vistex and has 20 years of experience designing and implementing high-end pricing solutions across various industries, ranging from manufacturing and distribution to travel and transportation. Maarten has a Ph.D. in Mathematics and an M.S. in Econometrics. Holding positions as visiting assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University, as post-doctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia, as director of Science & Research at PROS and as manager of pricing solutions at SAS.

Markus Gebhard is the Business Consultant for Pricing at WACKER Chemie, AG. Markus is a strategic, innovative leader who has held roles of increasing responsibility across multiple functions including Operative Price Management, Marketing, Market & Compettive Intelligence, Project Management and Human Resources within Wacker for the last 13 years. Markus holds a Master of Science in Computational Science from the Technical University of Munich and a Masters of Science in Computational Engineering from the Friedrich-Alexander-Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg.

Stephan M. Liozu is Chief Value Officer of the Thales Group and an Adjunct Professor and Research Fellow at the Case Western Research University Weatherhead School of Management. He holds a Ph.D. in Management from Case Western Reserve University (2013), an MS in Innovation Management from Toulouse School of Management (2005), and an MBA in Marketing from Cleveland State University (1991). He is a Certified Pricing Professional (CPP), a Prosci® Certified Change Manager, and a Strategyzer Business Model Innovation Coach. He has authored five books and sits on the Advisory Boards of LeveragePoint Innovation and the Professional Pricing Society.

Tim J. Smith, PhD, CPP, is the founder and CEO of Wiglaf Pricing, an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at DePaul University, and the author of Pricing Done Right and Pricing Strategy. At Wiglaf Pricing, Tim leads client engagements. He is the Academic Advisor to the Professional Pricing Society’s Certified Pricing Professional program and a member of the American Marketing Association and American Physical Society. He holds a BS in Physics and Chemistry from Southern Methodist University, a BA in Mathematics from Southern Methodist University, a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Chicago, and an MBA with high honors in Strategy and Marketing from Chicago Booth.

Dr. Manu Carricano, Founder of TheTopLineLab, combines top-level academic skills with close to 20 years’ experience in Data Science & Pricing. He is a Senior Lecturer of Data Science at ESADE Business School, and was named by the AI-Times Journal one of the 20 Data Scientists to watch in 2020. He is an executive graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in big data and received his PhD. from the University of Bordeaux.

Patric Kushner is Managing Director at Accenture with experience in international strategic and operative management consulting and a focus on pricing and sales. Prior to Accenture he led German pricing practice across industries, as well as Engineering, Automotive, Chemicals and Construction divisions. He is passionate about innovative and data driven pricing models and big data pricing solutions. He graduated from the University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt and received a Diploma in Business Administration (MBA).

Darius is a Business Consultant with Vendavo. He is an advocate for elevating pricing to strategic levels in organizations and an expert in building dynamic pricing capabilities in commoditized markets. Darius holds a Masters in International Economic Relations from the Cracow University of Economics in Poland.

Sylvain is a Price Optimizer Product Manager with Pricefx. His areas of expertise include solving complex industrial problems (aircraft optimization, genomic stimulation, etc.). He studied Computer Science at Toulouse where he completed his PhD in Software Engineering.

Thomas Delloye is Director of Business Solutions Consultant with Zilliant. His areas of expertise include applying predictive intelligence to data to achieve profitable growth, increasing competitive advantage, reducing business complexity and successfully implementing business transformation. Thomas graduated from HEC MBA & ISEN (MSc engineering).