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Ten Golden Rules of EVE Models

The purpose of this short article is to share best practices for EVE models with the pricing and marketing communities. Stephan M. Liozu, PhD is Chief Value Officer of the Thales Group ( and an Adjunct Professor & Research Fellow at the Case Western Research University Weatherhead School of Management. He holds a Ph.D. in Management from Case Western Reserve University (2013), an MS in Innovation Management from Toulouse School of Management (2005), and an MBA in Marketing from Cleveland State University (1991). He is a Certified Pricing Professional (CPP), a Prosci certified Change
Manager, and a Strategyzer Business Model Innovation Coach. He authored five books, including his most recent entitled Monetizing Data (2018). He sits on the Advisory Board of LeveragePoint Innovation and of the Professional Pricing Society. Continue reading

Conjoint Analysis Supporting Price Decisions

While there are other research techniques that seek to understand the perceived
value of products or services, the Conjoint Analysis method indirectly addresses the customer and therefore bypasses biases from direct research methods that make it harder to correctly model consumer choice behavior. In this article, the authors examine the benefits of Conjoint Analysis in developing pricing strategies, present several methods for applying this approach and review case studies of successful pricing projects. Dario C. Sales, CPP ( is a partner manager and Henrique A. Souza ( is a consultant at Quantiz Pricing Solutions, a pricing consulting firm in Brazil. Continue reading

Is Price Optimization Realistic in a B2B Environment?

A lot of executives in the B2B sphere are talking about wanting to achieve “price optimization.” Measuring pricing power at the customer and product level is very possible for businesses to achieve with a high degree of reliability. Just don’t fool yourself into thinking that this is B2B price optimization! What manufacturing and industrial businesses need is value-based pricing that uses sound pricing strategies and advanced analytics, as the author explains. Author Paul Hunt is the president of Pricing Solutions and a frequent PPS presenter, instructor, and contributor. He can be reached at Continue reading

Capturing More Value with Price Segmentation

A certain product or service is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it. And their willingness to pay is based largely on how they perceive the value of the seller’s product, service or solution. However, different customers perceive value differently. Therefore, their willingness to pay is also different. In this article, the author explains how B2B companies can price according to different customers’ willingness to pay levels to capture the maximum amount of revenue for each deal or transaction. Continue reading

Drive Your Growth - Monetize Your Innovations

Nothing ventured, nothing gained: companies need to innovate not just to stay ahead, but to even survive competition. Despite this however, the failure rate for innovations is shockingly high: nearly three out of four new products or services miss their revenue and profit goals. How can you make sure your innovations succeed? Continue reading
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