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Overview of Programs

Online Pricing Training

Are you a Pricer looking to advance your knowledge?

The Certified Pricing Professional (CPP) program has been the global standard for nearly 20 years for Pricers across industries and sectors.  Learn more about how to join the ranks of our alumni.

Are you in Sales, Marketing, Product Development, or another related field and looking to advance your knowledge of pricing and profitability?

Our Certificate of Profitability Education (CPE) program was made just for you.

Ready to sign up your team?

We have special group bundles available for the CPP and CPE designations.

Interested in what online courses we offer?

Look no further. Our Online Course Catalog lists all of our online courses across all of our training programs. Unsure about which courses to choose for your program? Email Dr. Michael Tatonetti, Director of Certification and Education, for academic advising at

The Professional Pricing Society brings today’s cutting edge pricing training to you wherever you are in the world. We have a compelling curriculum of Online Pricing Courses, Conferences, and Virtual Summits. With our flexible pricing training options, you can get the education you need on a schedule that works for you! Professional Pricing Society offers two designations that show your aptitude and excellence in pricing strategy and execution: The Certificate of Pricing Excellence CPE, and the Certified Pricing Professional CPP.

The Certificate of Pricing Excellence Designation - CPE

Our CPE designation has been designed for those in functions related to pricing who want to further their knowledge of how the top line impacts the bottom line. It is best suited for those in sales, marketing, product management, and finance. This program requires four credits with no exam or continuing education.

The Certified Pricing Professional Designation - CPP

Our CPP designation has been designed for those in the pricing function who want to establish themselves as the cross-industry professional they are. Our variety of classes make this program suited for those brand new to pricing through those who are pricing.

Are you wondering which program is right for you? 

We can help you develop a personal pricing education roadmap that will give you the exact tools you need based on your industry and professional background. If you have questions on program fit, please contact Dr. Michael Tatonetti, Director of Certification and Education, at