The Pricing Virtual Summit 2018

Announcing the PPS Pricing Virtual Summit Event! The PPS Pricing Virtual Summit brings leading pricing executives to speak directly to pricing professionals in real-time for real results!

Whether you’re looking for tactics on how to lead a Digital Transformation, develop a compelling pricing strategy around Artificial Intelligence, or use analytics to find hidden profits, find the resources in our Virtual Summit.

This 1-day event spans several hours so experts can deliver proven pricing strategies and case studies from their most successful campaigns! Learn actionable steps that will work in a business right now.

Learn more about this exclusive offering for Pricing professionals by clicking HERE.

Watch a clip of #PPSSD17 Keynote Speaker Laura Preslan of Microsoft deliver a soaring presentation:

Click the link BELOW to access the BONUS Presentation Slides from Laura Preslan’s Keynote Speech! 

Laura Preslan Presentation Slides #PPSSD17