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Best Practices for Pricing Execution - (Joanne Smith)

Best Practices for Pricing Execution - (Joanne Smith)


Your pricing team can set great pricing targets and recommendations for pricing moves but in the end success comes down to marketing & sales ability to execute these recommendations. Each negotiated deal has the potential for price to be dropped. While at times dropping price is appropriate, often it is dropped unnecessarily or far deeper then needed. Additionally, when a business decides to raise price, the execution skills of marketing and sales along with the actions of the business leaders are critical to success. Too often price increases fall short of expectations. The business assumes the market dynamics were not favorable for the increase when the real reason was unskilled execution.

This course covers the business, marketing and/or sales skills needed to successfully negotiate a deal with no or minimal price decreases and to effectively implement price increases. Smith has led or overseen hundreds of successful pricing moves across highly diverse businesses using these approaches. Smith, former head of DuPont Company’s pricing transformation, also discusses these practical strategies and tactics in her book “The Pricing and Profit” Playbook.

Meet Your Instructors

Joanne Smith
President, Pricing to Profits Consulting

Joanne Smith is the President of Price to Profits Consulting and author of The Pricing and Profit Playbook (Bradley Publishing - October 1, 2013). Joanne is a former DuPont Corporate Head of Marketing, Pricing and Customer loyalty. She was instrumental in creating the pricing organization which transformed DuPont from weak to outstanding pricing performance. She focused on raising the pricing competence of the marketing /sales organizations, influencing leadership behaviors to support pricing excellence, building pricing experts, running hundreds of pricing projects across diverse industries and implementing pricing processes/systems. She has integrated her business, marketing and change management background into her pricing to develop new innovative approaches.

Joanne brings over 20 years of global business, marketing, pricing and consulting leadership experience. She is best known for delivering superior results, challenging the status quo, leading and inspiring change and creating innovative solutions to complex business problems. Joanne often teaches or presents on marketing and pricing.