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Best Practices in Designing and Implementing Value-Based Pricing Strategies - (Andreas Hinterhuber)

Best Practices in Designing and Implementing Value-Based Pricing Strategies - (Andreas Hinterhuber)


"Best Practices in Designing and Implementing Value-Based Pricing Strategies"

Taking as examples best practice case studies in B2B and B2C pricing, we learn how to use pricing strategy and pricing processes to improve profitability. In this course, you will learn about proven pricing tools and innovative pricing strategies. We will review which elements of the pricing strategy to change during recessionary times.

We will also highlight available opportunities for companies with the insight and discipline to implement creative pricing strategies. You will gain insights about what you can do to improve pricing capabilities of your own organization. A checklist, which has been tested in +50 B2B and B2C pricing projects, summarizes key take-aways to implement main learnings.

Meet Your Instructors

Andreas Hinterhuber, PhD.
Partner, Hinterhuber & Partners, Visiting Professor Bocconi University

Andreas Hinterhuber, Ph.D., Partner, HINTERHUBER & PARTNERS, Visiting professor at Bocconi University (Milan, Italy) and at University of Lugano (Lugano, Switzerland).

Andreas Hinterhuber, Ph.D. Andreas Hinterhuber is a Partner of HINTERHUBER & PARTNERS, a consultancy specialized in strategy, pricing, and leadership. He is also a visiting professor at Bocconi (Milan, Italy) and at the University of Lugano (Lugano, Switzerland). Previously he was a Marketing Executive with Bayer AG where he was responsible for the Group’s largest product group with worldwide responsibilities. He has worked in the US, Japan, China, and Germany. He has completed consulting projects for 12 of Germany’s DAX 30 companies and other companies from around the world. He has an M.A. from Bocconi University (Milan, Italy) and a Ph.D. from the University of Vienna (Austria). He lives in Innsbruck, Austria and has published thought leading articles on pricing in leading international journals. Business Strategy Review, the strategy journal by London Business School, lists Andreas among major management thinkers.