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Beyond the Numbers - (Reuben Swartz)

Beyond the Numbers - (Reuben Swartz)


Beyond the Number: Why Your Proposal May Be What’s Wrong with Your Price

As pricing professionals, we have lots of tools to help us examine the numbers, but what if the real pricing pressure is because our sales teams aren't delivering compelling proposals? In this course, Reuben Swartz, a ‘numbers’ guy from Mimiran, reveals how there are limits to numerical analysis and huge opportunities for price and revenue gains from improving proposals.

This course is aimed at B2B firms who use proposals to sell and who have some freedom in how they craft the proposals. Firms that have strict proposal requirements--for example, government sales--will learn some valuable tips, but may not be able to apply the full range of techniques.

Meet Your Instructors

Reuben Swartz
Founder, Mimiran: Sales Acceleration Software for Services Businesses

Reuben brings over 10 years of pricing experience with companies in North America, Europe and Asia. He has helped companies in industries such as metals, semiconductors, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and financial services to improve pricing performance.

He is an expert at improving pricing results through the appropriate combination of strategy, business processes, and technology. He presents papers and presentations for Professional Pricing Society publications, webinars, and conferences, the Business Marketing Association, the FeaturePlan webinar and podcast series and has been quoted in Inc and Business Week on pricing topics.

He is the author of “Dollars and Sense: The Pricing Blog. Mr. Swartz earned a B.S.E. in Computer Science from Princeton University.