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Core Pricing Skills - (Stephan Butscher & Mark Billige)

Core Pricing Skills - (Stephan Butscher & Mark Billige)


This comprehensive Online Pricing Course will review all the essentials of price optimisation using dozens of cases from a variety of industries to support the theory.

Pricing - THE Profit Lever

  • The importance of price in the profit equation
  • Why pricing now has boardroom attention
  • How a 2% price increase can double profits
  • Developing an optimal pricing process for the organisation — setting the framework
  • The key variables for price optimisation (e.g. price elasticity, value-to-customer, willingness to-pay, relative value)

Value Pricing — Optimising Price Structure and Price Level

  • Understanding and quantifying value-to-customer
  • Measuring and understanding price elasticities — how volume is linked to price
  • Quantifying the customers’ willingness-to-pay
  • Tools and methodologies for value measurement and price optimisation (i.e. conjoint analysis, direct pricing questioning techniques, decision support modeling)
  • Innovative pricing strategies (i.e. bundling, non—linear pricing, optimal promotional design)

In this Course, we will include examples and use of selected tools and methodologies to measure value and to determine the optimal price level.

Price Differentiation — Optimal Pricing for Different Customer Segments

  • Segmentation - concept and profit impact
  • Using customer value for segmentation
  • Segmentation as the foundation for price and product differentiation
  • Channel-based differentiation
  • Differentiation strategies to increase profits and customer loyalty
  • Innovative differentiation cases

Price Implementation

  • How to implement price increases
  • How to avoid price wars
  • Understanding the real net-net price
  • Designing discount systems for growth
  • Creating win-win situations for supplier and retailers
  • European price harmonisation
  • Price organisation
  • Cases from wide range of industries

Meet Your Instructors

Stephan A. Butscher
Chief Talent Officer, Simon-Kucher & Partners

Stephan A. Butscher is a Partner with Simon-Kucher & Partners Strategy & Marketing Consultants and the Managing Director of SKP’s London office. Stephan Butscher’s areas of specialisation are the development of national and international marketing and pricing strategies, international price harmonisation, new product development, positioning strategies and retention marketing.

He is author of the books "Customer Clubs - A Modern Marketing Instrument" (German only) and “Customer Loyalty Programs and Clubs - A Practical Guide”

Mark Billige
Managing Partner

Mark Billige is the Managing Partner of the London office for Simon-Kucher & Partners. He brings 15 years of experience in pricing and financial management. He currently advises across both B2B & B2C industries.