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(Tues) Core Pricing Skills with Avy Punwasee & Michael Stanisz

(Tues) Core Pricing Skills with Avy Punwasee & Michael Stanisz

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Is your organization starting to ask questions about how to leverage pricing? Or have you been making little headway in your attempts to drive improvements? In either case, having a keen grasp of the pricing process is essential.

While every organization is unique, the four necessary steps in the pricing process are uniform. The key is understanding the diversity of processes available and customizing their application to your organization’s needs, which is the focus of this session.

  1. Develop Pricing Strategy: Understand how value is being generated for your organization’s customers and determine the optimal quantification method. Translate this quantification into pricing guidelines.
  2. Set Account Pricing: Translating strategy guidelines into product and customer-specific pricing is a challenge. There is a long list of complexities to overcome. We will cover the benefits of utilizing a practical price model and creating a systematic, reproducible approach to ensure price integrity.
  3. Customer Implementation: When pricing plans are fixed at a granular level, it is up to the sales teams to take action in the market. We will share guidelines for ensuring execution occurs and understanding how to measure.
  4. Monitoring Performance and Planning: What gets measured, gets managed. During this session we will review KPIs that drive accountability.

Attendees will learn:

  • Effective segmentation to drive price differentiation
  • Available value pricing frameworks and when each should be employed
  • How to ensure price integrity by making price changes stick