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(Tues) CORE PRICING SKILLS with James Hogan and Constantin Krenn

(Tues) CORE PRICING SKILLS with James Hogan and Constantin Krenn


Pricing is one of the most rewarding business levers, but it is also a highly complex field. Capturing the full value of any pricing initiative implies being able to isolate the signal from the noise (what is really relevant), to link strategy to execution (where are the frictions) and to keep the focus on pragmatic actions (how to we impact the business). This workshop will provide some unique recipes for modern pricing deployments.

Firstly, we will share our brand-new insights with the attendees that link Pricing Power to Financial performance, in order to capture a clear benchmark per sector, communicate the value of your pricing initiative to C-Level and understand from best practices where modern pricing is heading.

Secondly, we will explore an efficient and modular transformation methodology, around the concept of acceleration bricks, in order to focus on key building blocks of the pricing transformation: Segmentation, Value Scoring, List Price Setting, Deal Management, Dashboards & Visibility, Governance, among others.

Lastly, we will explore how to leverage Data & Technology to design and execute a friction-less deployment of your pricing initiative.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • The Power: Why Pricing Power is the most impactful profit lever from a unique methodology
  • The Acceleration: How to focus on pricing acceleration bricks for speed and scalability
  • The Flywheel: How to align Strategy and Execution in a frictionless and modern process