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How to Achieve Pricing Excellence - (Jim Saunders)

How to Achieve Pricing Excellence - (Jim Saunders)


The course is built around the World Class Pricing© framework. Participants will be led through the 5 levels of World Class Pricing excellence. We will address the tools, skills, and change management considerations required to lead your organization to higher levels of pricing excellence.

The course is designed such that participants will complete the course and be equipped with the knowledge and tools to tackle key pricing challenges in today’s environment. The course has been condensed from our two day “Best Practices in Pricing Management” CPP seminar. It is suited for Pricing Management practitioners of all levels of competency looking to upgrade skills or jump-start their implementation plan.

Meet Your Instructors

Jim Saunders
Leader of Pricing Management Practice, Pricing Solutions

Jim Saunders leads the Pricing Management practice at Pricing Solutions. He has helped many clients, both large and small, bring a more disciplined and analytical approach to their pricing.

His work has been implemented in industries as diverse as packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, transportation, financial services, and the media. Jim joined Pricing Solutions after 12 years in management at two major international corporations.

Jim has helped clients save management time and effort by simplifying pricing processes and eliminating up to 80% of their pricing records' and the associated complications. He has also enabled them to focus and simplify their offerings, leading one client to more than double its profits.