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(Thurs) VALUE SELLING with Lillian L. Cheng

Problem: Many B2B companies still lag behind when it comes to leveraging their transactional data to improve their pricing. Very often, a lack of confidence in the data itself leads to complete paralysis, preventing the company from improving its profitability and competitiveness through pricing. The perception that the company does not have the right skillset to analyze its data is another aggravating factor.

Solution: This workshop will demonstrate that pricing analytics can be effectively implemented by any company. Through several real-life examples, participants will gain the skills needed to conduct various types of pricing analytics with immediate bottom line impact.

The workshop will include:

  • Data assessment process: what can and cannot be done depending on data quality
  • Tactical pricing opportunities through data exploration and visualization
  • Using a data-driven approach to setting margin targets
  • Strategic pricing opportunities through segmentation and 80/20 or how to use transactional data to implement value-based pricing in a B2B framework

The workshop will focus on finding bottom line pricing opportunities through a rigorous analytical process. No previous experience in analytics required.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • How to assess the quality of their data and what to do about it
  • Where to start when launching a pricing analytics program and how to make it pay for itself quickly
  • How to build more advanced segmentation models based on data


Meet Your Instructors

Fred Puech
VP of Analytics - Pricing Solutions Ltd.

Fred Puech is VP of Analytics at Pricing Solutions, a leading consultancy specializing in helping businesses drive their bottom line through improved pricing strategies. Puech has been in pricing for 12 years, advising a wide range of businesses across many industries, both B2B and B2C. He has built analytical processes adapted to the needs of B2B companies, factoring in business complexity and data limitations.

He has a PhD in Economics from Université d’Auvergne (France) and is a member of Professional Pricing Society and of INFORMS, the leading professional body for analytics professionals.