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(Thurs) PRICING AND CORPORATE STRATEGY (Euro Session) with Tim Smith, Ph.D., CPP & Kyle Thompson-Westra, CPP

(Thurs) PRICING AND CORPORATE STRATEGY (Euro Session) with Tim Smith, Ph.D., CPP & Kyle Thompson-Westra, CPP

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NEGOTIATION SKILLS FOR PRICERS AND SALES: Combating Professional Procurement Tactics

Businesses face unprecedented pricing pressure due to the sophistication of modern procurement organizations. Pricing, sales and finance leaders across all industries are being engaged in challenging sales negotiations driven by well-trained procurement groups. Negotiation is a core business skill necessary for anyone in business.  Pricing professionals and sales teams need to up their game to defend pricing, value proposition and margins.

In this session, attendees will learn firsthand from an instructor who has worked on both sides of the negotiating table. This course will provide in-depth and practical pricing and negotiating approaches to counter even the most challenging procurement strategies. We will discuss 12 “buyer’s games” and how to combat each one to ensure that commercial and pricing teams capture more value and preserve price. Attendees will also learn the 8 most important value levers for procurement professionals and how to beat them at their own game.

This session will help your sales and pricing teams capture more of the value you deliver to customers by demonstrating how to design winning pricing strategies and tactics to counter procurement strategies and grow your business and margins.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • Why the procurement organization evolved to its current sophisticated 21st century model and the implications for suppliers
  • The strategies, tools and techniques professional procurement uses to extract price and value from their suppliers
  • 3 simple steps that will guarantee a more favorable outcome when you negotiate