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Psychological Aspects of Pricing - (Andreas Hinterhuber & Stephan Liozu)

Psychological Aspects of Pricing - (Andreas Hinterhuber & Stephan Liozu)


Customers do not judge prices in absolute terms, they evaluate prices in relation to a series of factors which pricing managers can influence. In this webinar we will show how pricing professionals can use an understanding of B2B and B2C customer psychology in order to influence perceptions of value and price. We will look at best practice examples of price framing, price communication, product-line pricing, 9-endings, price structure, price differentiation, price formats and other tactics. We will also illustrate how ambiguity of pricing information influences decision making processes within firms.

Participants in this webinar will gain clear insights on how to communicate price and value – including examples on how to communicate price increases – in order to conjointly increase profitability and customer satisfaction.

Company case studies include Ardex, Xerox, The Economist, GE, Louis Vuitton, McDonald’s, Unilever and other case studies from B2C and B2C industries.

Meet Your Instructors

Andreas Hinterhuber, PhD.
Partner, Hinterhuber & Partners, Visiting Professor Bocconi University

Andreas Hinterhuber, PhD. is also a visiting professor at Bocconi (Milan, Italy) and at the University of Lugano (Lugano, Switzerland). Previously he was a Marketing Executive with Bayer AG where he was responsible for the Group’s largest product group with worldwide responsibilities.

He has worked in the US, Japan, China, and Germany. He has completed consulting projects for 12 of Germany’s DAX 30 companies and other companies from around the world. He has an M.A. from Bocconi University (Milan, Italy) and a Ph.D. from the University of Vienna (Austria). He lives in Innsbruck, Austria and has published thought leading articles on pricing in leading international journals. Business Strategy Review, the strategy journal by London Business School, lists Andreas among major management thinkers.

Stephan Liozu, Ph.D., CPP
Chief Value Officer, Thales Group

Stephan M. Liozu is Chief Value Officer of the Thales Group ( and Chief Marketing Officer of Thales Inc. in the USA. He is also an Adjunct Professor & Research Fellow at the Case Western Research University Weatherhead School of Management. He authored three books, Dollarizing Differentiation Value (2016), The Pricing Journey (2015) and Pricing and Human Capital (2015). Stephan holds a Ph.D. in Management from Case Western Reserve University (2013), an MS in Innovation Management from Toulouse School of Management (2005), and an MBA in Marketing from Cleveland States University (1991). He is a Certified Pricing Professional (CPP).