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The Value Innovation Process with Steven Forth & Karen Chiang

The Value Innovation Process with Steven Forth & Karen Chiang


Insights from Sparse Data

Pricing is a critical success factor in bringing innovations to market. The process for pricing an innovation is fundamentally different from price setting or price optimization of existing products. The way machine learning is applied is also different as data sets are generally multi-dimensional and sparse.

In this workshop, participants will learn the critical frameworks used in pricing new innovations, from scenario planning and customer journey mapping to new approaches to market segmentation and pricing model design. Participants will leave this workshop with a new toolset for successfully pricing new innovations.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • How pricing innovation differs from price optimization
  • A new toolset for pricing innovation
  • How to take new offers to market with confidence and greater success


Meet Your Instructors

Karen Chiang
Partner - Ibbaka

Karen Chiang is a Partner at Ibbaka. She has expertise in understanding the KPIs that matter for business valuation, revenue generation, go-to-market strategy for new solution areas, and innovation. Karen earned her Bachelor of Arts in English and Geography from The University of British Columbia.

Steven Forth
Partner - Ibbaka

Steven Forth is a Partner at Ibbaka. He has advised companies large (Fortune 100) and small (5 person start-ups) on pricing strategy and execution. His passion
is the monetization and pricing of early-stage innovation. Steven earned his BA in Psychology from Carleton University.