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(Tues) Inspiring Price Improvement and Building the Plan for Execution with Valerie Howard & Justin Silver

(Tues) Inspiring Price Improvement and Building the Plan for Execution with Valerie Howard & Justin Silver


Meaningful change takes time, necessitates planning, and requires your leadership. You may have a clear perspective on what’s not working in your pricing practice, but have you allowed yourself the time to develop the plan that will address these challenges?

In this workshop, we’ll make that time. We’ll work together to build the first draft of your business case for price improvement. Next, we’ll show you how to garner support for your initiative by considering how key stakeholders will be benefit from improved pricing processes. Then we’ll work together to consider how you can build a realistic plan for change, outlining key checkpoints and measurements of progress. Finally, we’ll consider the important ways in which you inspire the organization to maintain focus on continuous improvement.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to build an executive-level business case for pricing improvement
  • Effective ways to gain support for a pricing initiative with non-pricing leaders
  • The key elements of a realistic change management plan and how to maintain momentum for continuous improvement

      Meet Your Instructors

      Valerie Howard
      Solution Strategy Director, PROS

      Valerie Howard, Solution Strategy Director at PROS, manages the go-to-market strategy for the PROS pricing solution portfolio. As a former user and product manager of PROS solutions, she has firsthand experience in the transformative benefits and competitive advantages that can be realized through pricing technology. Howard earned an MBA from the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas and a BS in Electrical Engineering through a scholarship at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art.

      Justin Silver, PhD
      Senior Data Scientist, Manager of Data Science & Research, PROS

      Justin Silver, PhD is Senior Data Scientist and a manager of data science and research at PROS. He specializes in the application of data science to enable pricing and sales excellence. Dr. Silver’s innovative contributions to the PROS solutions suite have helped customers to achieve substantial ROI through a scientific approach to commerce. Dr. Silver has a PhD in statistics from Rice University.