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(Tues) Price with a New Perspective: When Internal Data Isnt Enough with Patrick McCullough

(Tues) Price with a New Perspective: When Internal Data Isnt Enough with Patrick McCullough


In B2B markets, customers do business with you for one reason: to achieve greater revenue and profit growth than they otherwise would with an alternative solution or competitor offering. To understand this financial view of value creation, pricing teams must move beyond internal (historical) data and add the “outside-in” perspective of the customer. Without this perspective, pricing teams cannot understand the impact their solutions have on the customer and thus lack the insight necessary to set a fair price which customers will accept.

Adopting the customer’s perspective also provides the opportunity to solve emerging customer needs not previously recognized. Often, this does not require developing new products, but rather adding value-added services to existing solutions. When pricing teams understand bottom-line financial value, they can align the entire commercial organization, reduce internal/external price negotiations, and build stronger partnerships with key accounts.

To be clear, this is not about complex financial value quantification. Instead, this workshop is focused on teaching you how to better understand your customer, how to enable your sellers with simple and meaningful value conversations, and ultimately how to build pricing integrity for your products in the market.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to build a map of your customer’s business
  • How to conduct in-depth interviews with customers to validate internal hypotheses
  • How to customize value messaging to key stakeholders

      Meet Your Instructors

      Patrick McCullough
      Director, Holden Advisors

      Patrick McCullough is a Director with Holden Advisors. In this role, he is responsible for commercializing the firm's vast array of intellectual property. He specializes in driving the adoption of complex ideas and products through the translation of customer insights into tangible value. McCullough received a BS in Marketing from Penn State University and an MBA from the Columbia Business School.

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