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(Wed) Best Practices in Pricing and Monetizing Software with Scott Miller

(Wed) Best Practices in Pricing and Monetizing Software with Scott Miller


This workshop is designed for pricing, marketing, and product management experts that are responsible for pricing and monetizing their company’s software offering. Whether your organization is B2C, B2B, or B2G and whether you are a small or large enterprise, this workshop will ensure participants can improve and optimize their organization’s software pricing and offer design practices using proven best-in-class approaches and leading-edge price-value evaluation tools. With a strong focus on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and pricing new innovations, the workshop will also highlight case study examples and allow attendees to openly discuss approaches that directly address software pricing challenges and needs within their own organization.

This workshop will include numerous topics, including: an introduction to The Software Pricing Framework, understanding and measuring software value, applying price-value measurement tools, optimizing subscription pricing, an overview of the software delivery models and the SaaS value proposition, introduction and case examples of ‘The SaaS Iceberg TCO’ tool, pricing strategies for new and migrating clients, as well as software packaging offer design and subscription metrics.

    Attendees will learn:

    • Best-in-class practices for software pricing strategies (for new and migrating customers)
    • Pricing tools to support the development of software and SaaS pricing strategies
    • “What works” approaches and case studies that can be directly applied to your organization

    Meet Your Instructors

    Scott Miller, CPP
    Founder, Miller-Advisors

    Scott Miller, CPP, is Founder of Miller-Advisors, an independent consulting practice specializing in pricing and offer design strategies for B2B software companies. With over 20 years of pricing experience that includes senior consulting roles as well as corporate global pricing director roles with $10B technology firms. Scott is also a trusted advisor to, and a Fellow of, the International Software Product Management Association. He is also a CPP, CPA, CMA, a published author, and speaker on best-in-class pricing practices.