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(Wed) Change Management with Lillian L. Cheng

(Wed) Change Management with Lillian L. Cheng

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As an organization realizes that strategic pricing can dramatically improve not only its profitability and revenue, but also its competitive sustainability, the hurdle to implement plans to execute an effective pricing strategy can seem insurmountable. There are often needs to transform systems, technologies, and processes as well as people and reward/incentive structures.

How does one implement a plan for change towards strategic pricing? What are the costs involved and how does one begin to align various organizational stakeholders for such implementation? What does such a process look like? Where does one start?

This workshop will focus on the process of change management and present success cases for reference. Participants will participate in an interactive session to experience what mindset and skills are necessary for initiating, advocating, effecting, controlling as well as facilitating change in an organization entrenched in current systems and processes. We will discuss the role of the change champion within the organization in promoting a growth mindset, how to get key stakeholders on board, how to effectively communicate change throughout the organization, and how to evaluate and audit the effectiveness of the change.

    Attendees will learn:

    • The process of change management
    • How to perform a gap analysis of change required
    • How to advocate the benefits and advantages of strategic pricing