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(Wed) Negotiation Skills for Pricers & Sales with Lydia Di Liello

(Wed) Negotiation Skills for Pricers & Sales with Lydia Di Liello


Negotiation Skills for Pricers & Sales: Combating Professional Procurement Tactics & Winning

Businesses face unprecedented pricing pressure as a direct result of sophisticated procurement organizations. Pricing, sales and finance leadership across all industries are engaging in challenging negotiations with highly trained procurement professionals.

This course provides specific actionable negotiation strategies, as well as examples and tactics to refute even the most difficult procurement group. Help your sales, pricing and finance teams up their game and capture more of the value that they deliver to their customers.

    Attendees will learn:

    • The 8 tactics used by procurement professionals and the appropriate response to ensure you don't give away price
    • 3 simple steps that ensure a favorable outcome when you negotiate with anyone for anything
    • 5 negotiation errors to avoid at all cost

    Meet Your Instructors

    Lydia Di Liello
    CEO & Founder of Capital Pricing Consultants

    Lydia Di Liello is the CEO & Founder of Capital Pricing Consultants, a revenue management and business consultancy dedicated to improving profitability for its clients through strategic, operational and tactical recommendations. She brings more than 25 years of global revenue management and business leadership expertise to her clients. Working with diverse companies in 16 countries, from Fortune 500 to private startups, her experience provides a breadth of knowledge and understanding of the unique challenges her clients face. She holds an MBA from Youngstown State University and is a member of the Board of Advisors for the Professional Pricing Society.