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(Wed) Pricing New Products...with Greg Thomas & Roberto Rivera

(Wed) Pricing New Products...with Greg Thomas & Roberto Rivera


Pricing New Products: A practical guide to the development of a price and value discovery process

Most innovations are under-priced when launched. This is due to the fact that product owners have limited market and customer insights, are uncertain of the product’s value, and lack a structured price setting process. Pricing is an afterthought in the new product development process. By the time most new products reach launch, fear, compromise and deadlines are driving the pricing decision. Inevitably this results in financial expectations not being achieved and a weak competitive position in the market.

This workshop will provide pricing professionals with a new product pricing framework. We will provide a hands-on approach to managing the price setting process throughout the development process based on an understanding of the value of innovation. The price setting framework ensures that product owners set prices confidently, in a timely manner, and with achievable financial goals.

    Attendees will learn:

    • What key information is required, and at what point during the process, in the development of a pricing offer for a new innovation
    • How to develop this information, discover insights and apply them to create a pricing strategy that achieves financial success for the new innovation
    • How to organize the price setting process and engage your internal stakeholders to create aligned expectations

    Meet Your Instructors

    Greg Thomas
    VP of Pricing Research & Insights, Pricing Solutions Ltd.

    Greg Thomas is VP of Pricing Research & Insights with Pricing Solutions. With over 20 years of experience, Greg leads organizations in complex pricing projects with focuses on IoT & Digital Technologies, Medical Technologies, Pharmaceuticals, and Consumer Products. Greg earned his Bachelors and Masters from University of Guelph and an Executive Marketing Certificate from Western University.

    Roberto Rivera
    Senior Consultant, Pricing Strategy, Pricing Solutions

    Roberto Rivera is Senior Consultant, Pricing Strategy with Pricing Solutions. With over 16 years of pricing, marketing and sales experience, is areas of expertise include value-based marketing, data driven analytics, project management, and customer value modeling. Roberto earned his MBA, Marketing from Clark University.