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(Thurs) MAKING CHANNELS WORK FOR YOU with Ian Tidswell & Ofer Levi

(Thurs) MAKING CHANNELS WORK FOR YOU with Ian Tidswell & Ofer Levi

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The commercial imperative in business-to-business (B2B) industries is changing, and the change is happening faster than ever. Keeping in touch with your customers’ wants and needs is more important than even five years ago, and next year will be more important still. Does your organization have the processes and systems in place necessary to keep a constant finger on the pulse of your customer’s motivations and expectations?

Join this workshop to learn what capabilities exist in the marketplace to solve these issues, and how monetizing these items in a world of joined-up software is closer than you might think. In this session, we will explore five key principles of a successful customer experience assessment, as well as how to interpret and act upon the results of such an assessment. We will then explore techniques for analyzing and improving customer experience based on assessment results, and analyze deployment mechanisms for responding to these customer experience and customer needs findings.

Finally, we will review success stories from the companies who are at the leading edge of these innovations, and help attendees understand the strategies and tactics that they can replicate and implement within their own organizations.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • Five principles of Customer Experience assessment
  • Techniques for analyzing and developing improvement hypotheses
  • Mechanisms for deploying responses to these new learnings