How do I achieve the CPP designation?

To earn the CPP designation, one must:

  • Take 6 classes through Professional Pricing Society and pass each class’s test
  • Register for the CPP Exam and Study Sessions
  • Complete the Study Sessions for review
  • Sit for the CPP Exam

Each student must take Core Pricing Skills, then may choose 5 elective courses from our catalogue of online courses and in-person workshops. Online courses are available 24/7 with internet connection. In-person workshops are available at each of our conferences throughout the world. At the completion of each course, students will pass the accompanying test for the course. After 6 courses are completed, the student will be registered into the CPP Exam and accompanying Study Sessions.

Study Sessions are available online and can be completed at your own pace. Once ready to sit for the CPP exam, the student will have a 4 hour window to complete this online.

After successfully completion of the 6 courses, course tests, study sessions and CPP exam, the candidate will be awarded the CPP designation. No prerequisites are necessary to enroll in the CPP program.