5 Steps to Running a Price Improvement Project

5 Steps to Running a Price Improvement Project

5 Steps to Running a Price Improvement Project for Practical, Superior Results

Many companies struggle to get the large pricing and profit gains that they are expecting from their pricing efforts. The pricing team is continually recommending price improvement actions but either the sales organization does not act on these ideas or the ideas just do not make a significant impact.  The pricing resources get frustrated with sales, the sales team gets frustrated that the pricing team is pushing them to take questionable actions, and the business leadership becomes frustrated that their investment in pricing resources and/or systems is not paying the large returns they expected.

With the use of the right price improvement methodology you can turn this around and begin delivering superior profit results.

This workshop covers a proven, 5-step process of best practices for delivering superior price improvement results. This process has been developed over hundreds of successful pricing projects. It is practical, easy to learn, and can be immediately and effectively applied by pricing professionals within their organizations.

Wednesday Workshop 11 (May 2nd)
Level 600 Workshop

Attendees will learn:

  • Why most price improvement recommendations are not acted upon

  • A proven, practical 5-step process for price improvement projects for fast, superior profit results

  • How to gain alignment and support from your leaders and sales teams for price moves

Joanne Smith

President, Price to Profits Consulting

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