Accelerating Towards AI-based Pricing

Accelerating Towards AI-based Pricing

When Elon Musk first presented his project for autopilot, nobody thought that Tesla would reach 1.5 million miles in only six years. And now, artificial intelligence (AI) and complex algorithms are everywhere, influencing our lives and our entire civilization.

Thanks to exponential advances in data storage and processing, computing power and data science, our computers can learn and think, surpassing the capacities of human experts today. What does it mean for pricing professionals? Can we trust all the promises of the AI revolution?

This workshop builds around the main steps of the AI acceleration journey, supported by cutting-edge academic research and real-life examples. Participants will be exposed to guidelines for smart pricing data management, and the steps to accelerate towards AI-based pricing.

We will follow a powerful methodology, the Big Data and Analytics Canvas, which provides a holistic perspective on complex analytical transformations, covering three main dimensions: Pricing Data Architecture, Pricing Science Acceleration Bricks, and Impact Measurement.

A laptop is required for this workshop.

Workshop level: 500
(Thursday, 29 November)

Attendees will learn:

  • What can we learn from winning use cases in AI?

  • What are the opportunities and threats of AI for Pricing?

  • How to design, plan and execute complex analytical transformations in Pricing?

Dr. Manu Carricano

Associate Professor, ESADE Business School

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