Beyond the Number: Winning More Deals…

Beyond the Number: Winning More Deals…

Beyond the Number: Winning More Deals at Higher Prices with Better Proposals

Your customers can see the same number in two different contexts and have two very different reactions. All the while, we spend a lot of time focusing on the numbers, but what about the story? The reality is companies lose a lot of deals not on price, but on proposals. Most proposals are pretty bad, but here’s the opportunity: this gives you a great opportunity to gain an edge over competition.

Whether you help write proposals or review proposals and pricing from the sales team, this workshop will give you tools to help your company craft more compelling proposals that make you stand out and reduce pricing pressure.

This course is aimed at B2B firms who use proposals to sell and who have some freedom in how they craft the proposals. Firms that have strict proposal requirements–for example, government sales–will learn some valuable tips, but may not be able to apply the full range of techniques. For best results, bring a printed copy of a proposal from your company (please obscure sensitive information like pricing, customer names, trade secrets, etc.).

Level 400 Workshops

(Wednesday, October 25th)

Attendees will learn:

  • Common proposal sins

  • The structure of a proposal

  • In-session revisions of existing proposals (yes, this is a "work"shop-- come prepared to do a lot of writing).

Reuben Swartz

President, Mimiran, LLC

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