Core Pricing Skills

Core Pricing Skills

Unless businesses adopt new and innovative pricing, rising costs and increased competition will diminish profit margins and they will not be able to reap the full rewards of technological investments in productivity, quality, R&D, and customer service.

This course will give you alternatives to pricing your products and/or services utilizing a customer-perceived value approach rather than cost-plus pricing methods. By learning to avoid the deleterious consequences of cost-plus pricing, you will communicate better with customers, be able to discover their expectations up-front, enhance their loyalty and retention, and increase your profitability.

In this workshop, attendees will learn the core pricing skills and concepts needed to implement customer-perceived value and value-based pricing approaches. We will review the genesis of cost-plus pricing and reasons why many businesses, despite the consequences, still cling to this approach. We will then focus on customer value perceptions, the economics of price discrimination, and the seven types of customer risk and their impact on value, among other topics.

Tuesday Workshop 1 (May 1st)
Level 100 Workshop

Attendees will learn:

  • The First Law of Pricing: all value is subjective

  • The Second Law of Pricing: all prices are contextual

  • Why there is no such thing as a commodity

  • What is a “fair price?”—the ethics of price discrimination

Ron Baker

Founder, VeraSage

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Ed Kless

Senior Director, Partner Development and Strategy, Sage

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