Core Pricing Skills

Core Pricing Skills

This comprehensive workshop will review all the essentials of price optimization using dozens of cases from a variety of industries to support the theory.

Pricing – THE Profit Lever

  • The importance of price in the profit equation
  • Why pricing now has boardroom attention
  • How a 2% price increase can double profits
  • Developing an optimal pricing process for the organization — setting the framework
  • The key variables for price optimization (e.g. price elasticity, value-to-customer, willingness to-pay, relative value)

Value Pricing — Optimizing Price Structure and Price Level

  • Understanding and quantifying value-to-customer
  • Measuring and understanding price elasticities — how volume is linked to price
  • Quantifying the customers’ willingness-to-pay
  • Tools and methodologies for value measurement and price optimization (i.e. conjoint analysis, direct pricing questioning techniques, decision support modeling)
  • Innovative pricing strategies (i.e. bundling, non—linear pricing, optimal promotional design)

Price Differentiation — Optimal Pricing for Different Customer Segments

  • Segmentation – concept and profit impact
  • Using customer value for segmentation
  • Segmentation as the foundation for price and product differentiation
  • Channel-based differentiation
  • Differentiation strategies to increase profits and customer loyalty
  • Innovative differentiation cases

Price Implementation

  • How to implement price increases
  • How to avoid price wars
  • Understanding the real net-net price
  • Designing discount systems for growth
  • Creating win-win situations for supplier and retailers
  • European price harmonisation
  • Price organisation
  • Cases from wide range of industries


Level 100 Course

2-Day Workshop (August 1st & 2nd)

Attendees will learn:

  • The fundamentals of value-based pricing

  • Segmentation of customers for optimal pricing and channel-based differentiation

  • How to manage price increase, decrease, and real net-net price

Brad Soper

Partner, Simon-Kucher & Partners

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Philip Daus

Partner, Simon-Kucher & Partners

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