Core Pricing Skills

Core Pricing Skills

Are you just starting out in pricing? This comprehensive pricing workshop will help you master the essentials of price performance by learning from dozens of cases from a variety of industries that support today’s leading best-pricing methodologies. This one-day workshop will cover the following key areas:

Fundamentals of Pricing:

  • Why is price the key lever to maximize profit
  • Key price improvement variables

Value Pricing:

  • Moving from cost-based to value pricing
  • Understanding and quantifying value-to-customer, measuring and understanding price elasticities
  • Tools and methodologies for value measurement and best pricing practices

Price Differentiation:

  • Price differentiation and how this can improve profitability
  • How to use customer value for segmentation

Price Implementation:

  • How to design discount systems for growth
  • How to implement price increases and avoid price wars
  • Building the right pricing organization and setting the right incentives

The working format is ‘full interactivity’ giving all participants the opportunity to ask questions and add from their own experience.

Workshop level: 100
(Wednesday, 6 December)

Attendees will learn:

  • Why pricing is the key profit lever

  • The fundamentals of value pricing and key tools & methodologies to quantify product value

  • Making pricing changes stick through better price implementation

Martin Mattes

Senior Director, Simon-Kucher & Partners

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David Smith

Senior Director, Simon-Kucher & Partners

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