CPQ Building Blocks for B2B Customized Extended Services

CPQ Building Blocks for B2B Customized Extended Services

The workshop is focused upon reviewing the CPQ processes engaged in creating, revising and renewing B2B customized extended-services involved in maintaining the employability, efficiency and capability of a commercial machine.

An in-depth discussion of the long-tail of solutions, entitlements and periods-of-coverage of extended-services will be presented, coupled with the sales lifecycle events of an extended-service: product purchase, limited warranty expiration, upsell, cross-sell, upgrade, renewal and much more. Pricing’s interface between Finance, Service Operations, Contracts, and Marketing will be discussed as well as recurring revenue generation, profitability and the alignment of strategic and tactical sales plans.

Level 300 Workshop

(Wednesday, October 25th)

Attendees will learn:

  • How to build a basic pricing model for each sales event of an extended-service

  • How to interface with intra-company entities to perform due diligence on the forecasted costs employed in pricing

  • How to be effective in persuading leadership that you have mitigated the unfavorable financial risks of a customized extended-service offering through a robust CPQ process

Ron Giuntini

Founder/CEO, G35 Software, Inc.

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